Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lemonade, Lolly Pop & New Bunnies in the Shop!!

Yesterday Charlotte and I drove through the green fields of Shepherds Flat, on a mission to increase her driving hours (she's up to 100) & to visit Norm to buy some new chooks. 

We passed this group of beautiful horses, relaxing under the big blue sky.

There is something so majestic and serene about horses. I'm sure they know so much that we don't.

Norm was waiting for us at his farm in Newstead. What a funny old scene it was. So many chooks, of all shapes and sizes, two crazy dogs, a sheep, some cows and of course Norm, a really top bloke with a heart of gold. He was so patient with us as we tried to decide on just the right combinations & colours, squelching our way through the mud and looking in every pen and corner for our new chickens. We also picked out three for our friends. Charlotte chose Lemonade, above, to replace Texta who unfortunately didn't survive long. Isn't Lemonade the sweetest?


Lemonade needed a little friend so we chose another tiny Silky, Lolly Pop. The two littlies are in now with Crazy Veronica & Smokey. All seem happy and settled.

For "out the back' we chose three new girls. Well, lets hope they are girls! One Plymouth Rock (our old girl died recently) a Leghorn & another pretty one whose breed I can't remember.
All three are gorgeous! The white/grey one is Norma (in honour of Norm) and then there is Black Betty.
And Pretty One.

It's a good feeling having restocked the various chook pens, I love to see them all pecking away in our garden, they make me smile. Chooks are such good recyclers too, how could you live without one? Or eight...

Moving from birds to bunnies...I've had a few people asking when I will put some new bunnies in my Dandelion shop. Well, I am tonight! Rosie is a real sweetie and so is Bessie, below. 
Hope you are having a happy week, looks like more rain and storms for us. Take care lovelies,
see you soon xo


Lyn said...

What a lovely post with gorgeous phots. I love the bunnies and the chickens and the blue skies!

teddybearswednesday said...

Lemonade and Lolly Pop are just gorgeous.xo

Sue said...

I love the horse photos Beck! They look like they are enjoying themselves. Welcome to all the new chooks, the little ones are so cute and what nice names they have. I would love to have chickens but I think my Jack Russell Tess would annoy them too much and I would be afraid she would kill them too. My dad always had chooks and we had lovely fresh eggs which were so nice. My sister and I used to always be on the lookout for a double yoker which we only got 1 or 2 times! Your bunnies look very sweet and I love how you match them so well too.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Horses, chickens and rabbits....what more could we ask for? All lovely :-)

Fippa said...

Hey beck, I've just been catching up on all your shenanigans over the past few weeks. I love the new girly dolls...especially their hairdos. Any red-heads in the pipeline? Chookies are also up to snuff and will fit in nicely 9especially Norma!) xox

Anonymous said...

I saw the word bunnies and got excited!!! Wrong bunnies though ;-)

ANB said...

What fantastic names your chookies have! I would love a few chooks but we don't quite have the space for them. Also we were mean neighbours recently and asked the council to evict the rooster down the road that was waking our 8 mo old up every morning at 4.30am ... so I fear chooks are not for us at the moment! Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.