Friday, November 5, 2010


Come with me down a winding road from Daylesford, to my mum's house in Hepburn. 

You may remember she bought an old church last year & she has been spending many happy hours fixing it up & giving it a new life.

Mum is a great home maker,  she is one of those people who can create a beautiful, original space where you feel immediately comfortable.

 She has filled her new little home with so much colour & life,

and everywhere you look there is something sweet or interesting. I love going to Mum's as amongst the colour & busyness there is order & calm. Not like our house!

Have a peek into this little guest room. When we first looked at the church the pastor was using this as his bedroom. It was musty & dusty and not very nice. Now it is such a lovely room, to and great for sleepovers!

This painting my Dad did in the 60's hangs in Mum's bedroom. It depicts our home in the Dandenongs, our goats, trees & bits & pieces of our life then. I like the colours & mood of this painting, and the way it takes me
back to another time

This old toilet block has been transformed into a great shed, can you see the yellow rose growing over the top?

I gave it to mum last year on her birthday, it has grown so much! I wish my roses were this lush & healthy!

The garden was originally just lawn with a few good trees & some sad looking bushes.

 But now it has so much colour & so many different plants.

I love all the cuving path ways that lead you around the building in circle.

Did I mention that this little church began life as a school house and was
moved by horse & cart to where it is today?
Amazing! I like to think of all the students that studied here,
once upon a time.

So there you go. Did you enjoy the tour?

I'm off into my own garden now to finish off planting my seedlings.
How much fun is the garden lately? I'm loving it. 
I'm hoping to buy a couple of silkie's or bantams tomorrow at the Farmers Market and set them up in
the garden outside my kitchen window. That's if I can persuade Mark to get
the (heavy) old dog kennel, to use as a chook house, from way down in the back of the garden to up the front. Hmmm..

Oh! Before I forget, if you are in Daylesford tomorrow do pop into the Makers Market and say hi to this gorgeous girl. Phillippa is a super talented, super wonderful friend who will be there selling her amazing fabric & other bits. Look out for Fippa & say hello! Another ace mate who will be there is Tania from Myrtle & Eunice..yay!
Bye for now lovelies,


Kate said...

NO! Don't end the tour there, I want more.
She really has such an amazing talent of putting things together your Mum does. It looks fun and crisp and fabulous.
I'd love to catch you sometime on the weekend lovely, it feels like its been forever. XX
Oh and thanks so much for the call before, I was giving Ro and his mates a tour.

flowerpress said...

How fantastic, I love it all. Simple but colourful. And I love the garden.
I only wish I was in Daylesford for the market, or any time really! Say hi to Tania for me.

Sue said...

Your mum's house is gorgeous, so light filled and cosy all at the same time. I think white with bright colored furniture is great especially in the summer time. I have to say I am very envious of those winding paths and beautiful flower gardens. I hope one day my dirt filled backyard can become just as beautiful. Thank you to your mum and you for allowing us to see all her wonderful work!

Allana said...

I love your Mum's house - she has done a brilliant transformation! I'm with Kate! More please! :)

Lillabilly said...

What a fantastic place to live! Your Mum is very lucky (and talented!). Also, I just love your Dad's painting - I bet that is a real family treasure.

Posie Patchwork said...

Lovely place & beautiful gardens, what a great mother you have there. Good luck at the markets, love Posie

Anonymous said...

wow, your mum's house and garden are lovely, it's so nice to see flowers, you don't see a lot of those up here. thanks for the tour.


daisy said...

your dads painting is really great! and your mum's garden looks amazing, i love the before and after shot. what a gorgeous home. her garden reminds me a little of mine, i have those same succulents in pots either side of my back door and winding paths too!
Update us with your vegie beds soon dandelion beck!

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm with Kate, I was loving the tour and sad it ended.
THanks so much for sharing it.
What a beautiful house and garden. Has a special spirit too I can feel even through the computer screen.
Hope you are well special.
I'm hoping to make it up to Daylesford before the year is out. xo

Carmel said...

That's my dream house! Thank you to you and your mum for sharing. I do hope she is so very happy there. The rose growing over the old toilet block is glorious.
I'm planning a little trip to Daylesford over the Christmas, when we are down in Geelong with my in-laws. Any pointers would be more than welcome.
Have a super weekend.

Katie said...

What a beautiful, light and friendly place she has created.

CurlyPops said...

One of my all time dreams is to buy an old church in the country. Your mum is doing it for real!
The renovation is just beautiful - all that light and space....jealous.

Kate said...

I'm starting a campaign for Daylesford Christmas 2012!


Jemm said...

Oh, now I'm dreaming visiting you and meeting you and your mom. She's done a LOT of work in not very much time! Gardens are beautiful!! I think the painting your dad did is just wonderful. What a great momento you have there.

crzylady said...

So white and lovely! White is my favourite color (okay okay, I know the lack of color, or whatever). Your mum is a genius- so we know where you get it. And I'm moving to daylesford ;)

Bec said...

What an amazing transformation, she has a gift! Thank you for sharing, I feel so inspired :)

Maree: said...

I Loved the Tour..Thanks for sharing..Congrats to your Mum for doing a Fabulous Job..a Girl of my own Heart...Love it ALL...

Little Ted Canvas said...

Wow, what a gorgeous home, your Mum has really transformed it into such a beautiful homey place. I love all the history that goes with it, wonderful! I hope you've had a lovely weekend in the garden..

Linda said...

Wow, this is wonderful! So much light and space...she has made it a home!

Tania said...

I LOVED the tour. She's a clever chook, your Mum. But I reckon I've said that before!

(and Phillippa is a fabulously lovely chook too!)

Bek said...

Oh wow. THe garden in particularly beautiful. She has put together a lovely lovely home.