Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl

This week & weekend we have been celebrating Charlotte's 17th birthday!!! I can't believe she is seventeen now, it somehow seems so much older than sixteen.

I have also been reflecting on Charlotte's life so far, as a baby, as a child and now that she is almost an adult.

It only seems like yesterday that I was living in Darwin, having left my family, my job and the boy I was seeing. I had gone to the Northern Territory to continue studying a Professional Writing & Literature degree and spend some more time in another part of Australia. I was staying with a cousin of my mum, and didn't really know anyone else.
It was Valentines Day when I found out I was pregnant.
At first I was amazed, shocked and teary.

I was on my own, a long way from home, without a partner, without my family.

But when I calmed down I realised it was going to be ok.
I can clearly remember thinking,
it will be fine, I will make it work, we will be a family,
the baby and me.

And it was, and I did and we were.
Not only was it fine but it was wonderful.
Charlotte & I had so much fun together when she was little. She was a sensitive little girl who loved weddings, playing with her friends, the tv show Heart Beat,
(we had budgies called Nick and Kate).
She was obsessed with the book
Charles and Diana, The Royal Wedding".
She was scared of loud noises, she was funny,
a mimic, a dancer and did amazing drawings.
Charlotte also was very close to my mum & still is today.

Being a sole parent was challenging, I didn't have alot of money,
it could be hard & lonely at times.
But for me though it really gave my life purpose and meaning, I really wanted to be
the best parent I could and from the first day I just loved
being Charlottes mum. Because of those early years together I feel a bond with her,
a special connection, it's a beautiful thing.

I met Mark when Charlotte was about four and a half & it wasn't long
before our little family got bigger, and bigger
and bigger.

Yesterday we had a tea party
to celebrate the birthday
of our
lovely girl.

We had little cakes, pink lemonade, cucumber sandwiches,
champagne, fairy bread, strawberries
and cups of tea.
Like all our family parties there was
a show, lots of dancing,
tears & laughter.

It was delicious, fun, mad and just the best way ever to say
happy birthday to
Bunny, La-La,
Guk Guk's,
to our Charlotte.

We love you Charlotte xo


Gina said...

This makes me teary. How beautiful, and I'm just so glad when I hear about people who bravely carry through a pregnancy on their own in spite of any hardship or stigma that it may have caused at the time. You must be very proud of your beautiful daughter. Happy birthday to her, and thanks for sharing this part of your story.

sue said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte! What a wonderful story too Beck. It must make you so proud knowing what a wonderful person she is turning into too. It all goes by so quickly and rushes by. I love the photo of her in the gumboots, so adorable!

Amber said...

Oh i am all teary, that is so beautiful. YOu are a such a precious and beautiful lady...happy birthday to your gorgeous girl..xx

Aussie-waffler said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte. That all sounds beautiful and I adore that first photo, so sweet.

Tania said...

What a story! Geez. You girls make one excellent team. Happy birthday Charlotte.

(Happy birthday Mum) x

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

What a lovely, lovely story - thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

Wow that is such a lovely story, eloquently put!
My little girl is only 9 months old and when she was first born...Boy what a shock to the system that was!
I felt completely unprepared as well as exhausted and emotional. My husband works VERY long hours and my parents live a good 5/6 hours away and so I had some very dark moments on my own in the early days with a screaming baby! I thought I had it tough but can only begin to imagine what it must have been like for you.
Well done you for having such a positive attitude and outlook on life which obviously reflects in your beautiful and oh so grown up daughter. xx

Jemm said...

What a wonderful story! Charlotte is so pretty and looks just like you. I bet you shed a few bittersweet tears. At least I know I would.

Freckled Hen said...

Happy Birthday to your dear daughter. Your words on this post are so eloquent, I felt myself choking oldest just turned 17 as well. It's a magical mix of young adulthood and the awe of a fleeting childhood. Your family is beautiful!

lolyXĂș Craft said...

Hi Beck,thank you for visiting me and for leaving such affectionate comment.
Your blog and so beautiful and creative that it is a happiness to see this space.

Beach Vintage said...

What a wonderful uplifting story. You are a wonderful mum.

hester said...'ve made us all a bit teary! Such a beautiful short story about first time motherhood. Happy Birthday Charlotte! I'm sure you are a treasure, just as your Mum is.

Nikki Cardigan said...

Thankyou for sharing your story Beck. Life is what you make it.

Waterrose said...

You and your daughter are so lucky to have had one another. She is beautiful!

Michelle said...

I'm teary reading this too. Thank you for sharing.

Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl. It sounds like you've been on a wonderful journey so far.

Beautiful photos too!

Home Girl said...

such an intriguing story, what a jouney u have been on. i have so much admiration for all u achieve ontop of managing such a big and obviously happy brood. happy birthday gorgeous charlotte xx

Leanne said...

I am teary too...your strength, your love...your beauty is heartfelt in this post. 17 seems to be so much more a milestone of a young lady. What an amazing job you have done Mama. Amazing! Love to you.

Lauren said...

Oh gosh! That made me all teary!! What a lovely story. Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Karen said...

Oh what a lovely post - made me feel all teary, especially when you spoke of how you took the pregnancy onboard and decided the two of you would be a family.
Well done to you on going it alone when you had to - glad she now has a gaggle of sisters to be with too.
I hope she had a great day.

Kate said...

I still can't read that post without getting emotional but just wanted to let you know that I think you are amazing. XX

Lark said...

What a lovely post! x

teddybearswednesday said...

Amazing and beautiful post. Thank you. Happy late birthday to Charlottte.