Sunday, April 1, 2012

Autumn is..


Lots and lots of apples. It's a good thing we like apple pie! 

Our trees have been full of fruit this year and although we've shared quite a few with the local cockatoos,

we still have lots left. Our lovely neighbours are making cider, their hallway full of boxes of apples. Maybe we will make some too!

Autumn is quinces. Big, fat, golden quinces.

I love everything about this beautiful ancient fruit. The tree it grows on with it's wide green leaves, that shade our ducks from the warm autumn sun. I love collecting the fruit after a windy day, storing it inside where it gives off it's distinctive quincy smell. I love cutting into each piece, it's such a satisfying feeling. Cubing, boiling, straining. Adding, watching, waiting.
Then suddenly!

Magical jars of ruby goodness. I love quince jelly on sour dough toast with a cup of hot, hot tea. 
I love autumn.

Autumn is Sports Day! A day of red, yellow and blue.

A day of friends, and fun.

And trying hard, of ribbons and family.

And smiles! lots of lovely smiles.

Autumn is potato season. It's brown fields, blue skies, tractors and crates.

Autumn is a time of birthdays - one tomorrow! 
Although it's sad to say goodbye to summer, and although the thought of a long cold winter ahead makes me a little anxious..I really do love autumn. So I'm celebrating being in the now,
I'm loving the cool nights and warm days. Although there is some sadness in my life too right now, I'm embracing all the beauty, the colour and life of this season, of this time. Maybe even more so.
I hope you are too, lovely ones,
see you soon xo

ps: If you haven't entered my giveway yet it's not too late! I'll be drawing out a winner in the next couple of days. It might be you! xo


Kylie said...

Oh I love Autumn! The faint cool tang in the air the smell of wood smoke of an evening. I have an afternoon of apple and pear picking planned for this afternoon and then apple sauce to make. Yum. Just waiting for the quinces to be just right for the picking and then lovely quince paste and jelly. Double yum!!

mel @ loved handmade said...

I love autumn too, so much! It's important to appreciate the good things, especially when we are a bit sad. Take care lovely Beck..xx

Daffodil said...

Autumn is delicious apples, vibrant orange fleshed pumpkins, cold brisk mornings with clear blue skies and a gently warming sun during the day.

It is leaves changing colours as some trees prepare to go to sleep for the winter.

It is my horses coats starting to lengthen and beginning to look like hairy yaks.

It is my favourite season of the year.

Sally said...

Oooo... who is having a birthday in your part of the world? It is my birthday tomorrow too!

Lyn said...

seems strange looking at such lovely Autumn photos when we are just coming into spring here in the UK

Tania said...

Your kind of Autumn is making my mouth water and tummy grumble. And I swear quince jelly is some sort of ruby red magic...

Who's a'birthdayin'?

kelly said...

Oh my...are those apples pink ladies?....I've been waiting for pink ladies to be ready for picking...we have orchids down the road here, and I think it time to take the children and some bags and pick us some apples :-)