Monday, March 26, 2012

Fifty, twelve, seventy five

Mark & I passed this building on the way through Malmsbury the other night, it always fascinates me. I love that the words are still there, the pale blue paint and the crazy brick work & bluestones. Isn't it cool? Imagine what it looks like inside..

We were on our way to celebrate with Bruce & Kathy at Small Holdings, have you been there? It's a great little wine bar set in an old church, similar to my mum's one actually. Inside there are lots of antiques and interesting was an excellent venue for a party. We had a really fun night. Highlights were: listening to Bruce's niece singing, what a superstar! And only 13!

Kathy's speech, amazing, thoughtful, touching, funny, clever and loving. And it was just the best being with a lovely bunch of people, all brought together to celebrate Bruce's birthday. Fun!

The next day was Lucy's 12th birthday party! Woo hoo!
Her actual birthday is next Monday but she decided to have it early as one of her good friends is going away. The girls had heaps of fun, they went to see The Hunger Games and then came home for cake.
I made a vanilla cake with chocolate icing, baking it in my step father's cake tin.
It's funny how those little things mean a lot isn't it?

Unfortunately I didn't get to see her blow out the candles as I was heading back from Melbourne.
Thank goodness for my beautiful family who all pulled together to make this crazy birthday heavy weekend work out. My dad had his 75th birthday party yesterday too and I couldn't miss that. (We'll have a special birthday tea for Lucy on her real birthday..more cake!) Bill was a good fella and kept me company while Mum & Charlotte took the girls to Ballarat & Mark had a picnic with the younger two.

My dad had his party in Northcote in his studio. It's a pretty cool place. Bill and I had fun exploring it and looking at all his treasures, collections and his paintings.

This little tableau is so Muzz. His teabag, empty cup, glasses and old tuna can with a squashed out fag in it.

I was going to give a speech but in the end we left before the speeches had begun. I had worried and thought all week about what I would say and wrote and rewrote it a million times. It was hard to get it right. Relationships are tricky aren't they? Perhaps when you sit down and try to write a speech like this for someone so pivotal in your can be hard. It was for me. I love my dad, but he isn''t your average dad I guess. It's complicated! Anyway, when I got home and found the scrunched up speech in my bag I pulled it out and felt a great sense of relief. Almost like a burden had lifted. Maybe writing down my thoughts & not speaking them was the best part of it, maybe that was enough.

I really enjoyed being in my dad's studio. It brought back a lot of memories of childhood. Good memories. I like the smell of oil paint, it's comforting somehow. Like the smell of a my Nan's kitchen or  my Mum's perfume. It took me to another place.

It was good to see my dad and his wife and all their friends, eating and drinking in the sunny courtyard. It was good to be with Bill. It was good to make the effort, to be a small part of his day. And it was really, really good to get home to my own family. My beautiful Mark who had tidied up our chaotic house, washed the floor and cleaned the bathroom before Lucy's party. To my gorgeous Mum who happily helps us in so many ways. To my lovely Charlotte,  who spent Saturday night with us & took the girls to the movies. And driving home with my super ace son,  to my almost 12 year old Lucy, and dear Sunday & Rosie. Back to beautiful Daylesford which is just so magical at this time of year.

Birthdays and celebrations always make me emotional. I'm also a bit sick with a dumb cold so I'm a little fragile today, a bit teary and blocked up and snuffly. But happy. Happy & lucky.

Anyway..I better go and check on the quinces that are boiling away on the stove top. Ready for jelly making tomorrow!! Woo hoo! 

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Hope you have a happy week lovely ones, see you soon xo


Tania said...

Boy, do I get the 'complicated'! Even if my complicated is completely different from yours, I bet I get it. Speaking of which, all those logistics sound tricky enough. Put your feet up, sweetie. Have yourself a restorative cup of tea. x

mel @ loved handmade said...

I'm with Tania on the logistics, thank goodness for helpers! Sounds like a nice weekend of celebrations, take care of that cold now & relax..x

Sally said...

Ah - yes families are complicated. There isn't even a clear place to start to explain why.
It was a very birthday heavy weekend. Good, and hectic. Hope your cold clears away soon.

flowerpress said...

My parents are a little bit different, it makes me laugh these days especially when I share stories with my siblings but I'm glad for the different viewpoint they gave me, though some days I would have liked the normal parents :-)

Jane said...

Your Dad seems like quite a character! I enjoy reading about these kind of details of other people's lives.
Aren't smells evocative? We have chairs that were my Granny's and although we've had them for years, now and then I catch a whiff of the (pleasant) smell of her house on them.
Thanks for sharing :)

Jo - Dusty Plum said...

My relationship (or lack thereof) with my father is also terribly complicated, now as a mother I try to understand it more but also able to distance myself a little more from it emotionally. Tricky stuff. Nice knowing you were in my neighbourhood for a while nonetheless.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh wow, it was my Daddy's 80th on the weekend, took my 4 on 4 flights in 4 days, but we got there, with 14 cousins, it was brilliant. I don't think i could have made a speech if i tried, too choked up, i'm a Daddy's Girl. Happy birthday all round in your family, we have 12 immediate family members who are Aries, it's BUSY!! Love Posie

M Violetta said...

beautiful, emotional, generous post Beck - writing, even if no one reads your words - is so powerful. language has layers and layers of importance - just as relationships have complexity. i could feel the contented relief sighing out of you as you arrived back home.... perhaps resonating stronger with me due to my own fractious relationship with my dad - passed on now, providing me with my own type of relief. happy autumn colours to you! this town is filled wonderfully with them..... mika