Thursday, April 19, 2012

Giveway winner!!

Hello lovely ones..thank you so much for your patience with me, finally today I am happy to tell you we have a winner of my bunny giveaway!!

But firstly I must just say how fun it was to read about everyone's childhood toys. So many people spoke with such affection of these long time friends. It's nice to know that we can carry these often furry and sometimes falling apart loved ones from childhood into our adult life. I remember as a little girl we often visited Mirka Mora in her studio that was always filled to the brim with toys, dolls of all shapes and sizes.  Many of her own creations but there were also old prams, china dolls, rag dolls,it was heaven. It showed me that even grown ups like to play, to dream, to be surrounded & inspired by toys. That childhood is an important part of who we are as adults.

Thank you for sharing little snippets from your own are a few for you to enjoy.
Lara Motta wrote:
My favourite childhood toy is actually a little blue bunny funnily enough. I got it for Easter the year my baby brother was born and he still sleeps with me (the bunny that is). He's been to 11 countries in Europe, NZ and all over Australia. Very well travelled and loved!

Grace said:
My favorite toy as a child was an orange and brown (it was the 70s!) dog called Monty. He was very dear, and fell apart with too much love.

andymona wrote:
I still have my teddy bear. He's tucked away, but occasionally when l come across him l give him a little hug. He was velveteen, but that's all worn of now.

and gardenglut said:

My favourite toy when I was a young one was Scotty. Scotty was a georgeous dark grey West Highland Terrier or 'Scotty dog' toy. Scotty had a wonderful woolen tartan dog coat. He was tuff and texturerd and was great to snuggle your face in! Thanks for making me think of Scotty!  

and lastly from waverider,

My favourite toy from childhood is a baby doll called Susie who i still have. To make her even more special, she is dressed in a gorgeous pink layette that my beloved Nan knitted for her. Whenever I look at her I can see my Nan sitting on the couch in her lounge room knitting away, lovely memories!

What a beautiful memory..thanks waverider.

Sadly there can only be one winner, but you are all winners to me! Congratulations to lovely Alma who left the very first entry. I'm so excited that Bluebell will be flying over to live with Alma and her family in Brooklyn, New York!! What a thrill for a little bunny from country Victoria. I'm sure she will get lots of love and cuddles. Alma if you could email me your details I will pop Bluebell in the mail for you asap.

So that's it from me today. I'm busy in the kitchen making cake and apple & rose hip jelly, thinking too of other ways to use up the huge amount of apples we have this year. Happy days! Hope yours is a happy one too, see you soon xo


Alma said...

This is so super!!! Cant wait for Bluebell to make her way here! This is great. I must make something for you. I feel so incredibly lucky to receive her for one of my favorite blogs across the globe. I promise to love her and care for her as if i were adopting a newborn. Many blessings to you and your lovely family.

teddybearswednesday said...

loved reading a few of the stories about different beloved toys. But i guess you would know that's right up my alley.. And Yes Mirka has always been a great inspiration, it's funny what you wrote as as a young girl seeing her studio and meeting her I realised it was ok, to be grown up and still play with toys.
funny we are so alike, but then again maybe not xo

Rachael said...

Gorgeous bunny! We just made our first trip to Daylesford - the place is just beautiful! The whole area is stunning. Lucky you! Sionce moving to MEL a year ago, I have wanted to go to Daylesford and I am sure I will be back again soon. x

gardenglut said...

Oh thanks so much for this opportunity to read about others favourites and thanks for liking my one about Scotty!.

I am sorry if I have been tardy in responding I have been in Cina where blogging and reading blogs is blocked.

My your bunnies prosper!