Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Enid and other stories...

On Saturday I flew the coop and headed down to Melbourne for a catch up with my old mate, Hannah. Han & I go way back, we met when we were 13! It was good to hang out with her and hear all her news. Like old friends do we have a natural ease with each other, we just pick up where we left off! Our lives are very different ie: her - city life, no kids, city job and me..well you know all about me!

I LOVED being in Fitzroy, the lovely familiar place where I grew up. I still know every corner, every crack in the footpath, but there is always new things to see too. I love the smell of the inner city in the early evening, jasmine & warm asphalt, cooking smells & perfume. And the twittering of city parrots, chirping and swooping through the streets.

I had an amazing find too!! Just as I turned into St David St I saw a large skip filled with building material. And sitting on top was an old toy dog. From a distance it looked like a real doggie, (that's my ageing eyes for you!) but as I got closer I saw it was a beautiful, vintage toy with only one ear, perched on top of the pile, obviously waiting for me! Oh my excitement. You will understand this if you are also a treasure hunter, a skip scrounger, an op shopper. I blame my dad really for passing on this gene, actually it's a pretty ace one to have. But anyway, back to The Dog. I wondered whether she had been found in a ceiling or under the floorboards, I guess I'll never know. I picked her up, tucked her under my arm and set off for the restaurant. (I did get some odd looks.) At the Fitzroy Commoner I sat my new friend under the table where she quietly rested, pleased I hope, in the knowledge that she was going to a happy retirement in Daylesford. I've called her Enid, it just seems to suit her. I'm in the middle of researching her history, the old label on her tummy says she comes from England. Imagine all the things she has seen in her time pre rubbish skip?

I stayed at my mum's house, a home full of interesting things. It's always a pleasure to stay there and I love the memories that seem to drift through my mind of days gone by in Fitzroy. Walking home from school past the Perfect Cheese factory (pretty stinky on Parmesan day), past the Glo Weave factory, past the old nonna's sitting on their front veranda, shelling peas, of the Milk Bar next door, the dirty old shops of Brunswick St (now such a thriving, bustling spot), oh the many memories..a happy time.

Back home things have been busy. Hence the lack of blogging lately.

It's that crazy end- of- year time that creeps up..lots on and not enough time. I'm working on keeping myself calm, it's not easy sometimes! 

My kids are hanging out for the holidays and I am too. It's been a big year.
I've been working a little bit too, at a cafe. It's only a few hours but so far it's fun and I'm loving learning to make coffee again.

And I'm so excited as I have a new project!! Yes, I'm making doona covers/quilts from my collection of vintage linen. I want to make them super beautiful and perfect so I'm working really hard to get them right. So far I've soaked, washed and ironed a massive pile and right now I'm working on cutting them out. I hope to sell them through my shop and maybe in Melbourne too. Watch this space for
  Dandelion Dreams!

I'm hoping that next time I post there will be some photo's of our new ducklings. According to my calculations they should be starting to hatch any day now. Oh wow!!! As you know they are just the cutest things, I can't wait! What's happening in your world? I hope you are happy and well, lovely ones.
See you soon xo

ps: special thanks to Char who helped with with these photo's that I managed to lose when downloading from my phone. Honey, you are the best xo


yardage girl said...

So much going on in your world - it was lovely to catch up! Enid is superb ~ what a lovely find. I love Fitzroy too ~ I feel a bit transported back in time when I visit. Looking forward to your doonas - what a wonderful idea! Nic x

Allana said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a fantastic nostalgic trip and how great is Enid! How can people throw out things like that!!
Your new project sounds perfect, I look forward to seeing what you create :)

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

wow - what superb photos!!! sounds like you had an amazing time in Melb and i love Enid - i think she is soo glad you picked her out of that skip xx

Sue@88 said...

Enid was certainly waiting for you, and very patiently too, but where did you find that wonderful doorway with the dear little red heart on the letter box? And that crazy little green car against an amazing vertical garden? What an amazing eye you have....xx

Miss Prudence said...

I really enjoyed this post Beck, thanks..will you give Enid a new ear?

crzylady said...

amazing! Enid is lovely! I hope to see more photos of your adventures together. Everything looks lovely and cozy at your place :)

Tania Verdez said...

LOVE Enid! Good find Beck! Ps- we missed you at stitch n bitch ;)

manda said...

I have the same gene Beck,,,from both my parents I think... and i love it. I also like the name for your doona covers...its perfect.

Jemm said...

You do keep busy don't you :) Great photos too. Can't wait for baby duck pictures! Hey, what do you soak your old linens in? Is that just to wash them or does it get out stains too?

mel @ loved said...

Adorable, all of it! Those ducks are too cute, that puppy from the rubbish is just lovely, and keeping calm, a skill I'm working very hard on too..x

Kate said...

I found the photo booth picture of you, me, Ben and Hannah. PLUS I found out she lives next door to my friend Clare! What a small world. See you in a few weeks at Christmas!