Tuesday, November 22, 2011

They're here!

They've arrived!!! Yes, our ducklings are hatching, with seven born and one hatching as I write this post.

Behind this door the mother ducks have been working hard over the last few weeks, patiently sitting,

amongst the straw and feathers, keeping those precious eggs warm.

The kids have been waiting too..

and watching.

Suddenly they began to arrive! Here is Bandit, the only brown one so far. 

And his six fluffy siblings, aren't they the cutest?

The whole garden has been buzzing with the news of the ducklings arrival, here are Norman and White Chook, off for a sticky beak.

As you can imagine, I could take photo's of them all day long. The mums are graciously putting up with me,

and they even let me have a close look into the nest where I was lucky to find another little brown baby hatching!


Here it is a little bit later, having a brief visit inside before hopping back under the warm feathers of one of it's mums. Breaking out of the egg must be tiring, this little one looks exhausted. But they so quickly perk up and seem to grow bigger even as we watch them.

Exciting times at our house this week.  It's so amazing watching new life begin, this is one of the most magical parts of having pets and animals, children too! I saw a new born baby at school today and felt that same warm rush of happiness, such a precious time.

I hope your week is a happy one, see you soon lovely ones xo


Sue said...

Oh happy times at your house Beck. I love the photo with the little brown one and his siblings all together, so cute. I think I would cuddle them all day long!

Tanya said...

Ooooh, they look delightful. Enjoy them, looks like you are!

Jane said...

Oh my goodness, they are super adorable! How exciting! We have chickens on eggs right now and a four year old who's having a hard time grasping the concept of three weeks for hatching!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Soooo cute! I'd love a few little ducklings. We are now the proud parents of two adorable 8 week old bunnies. Gosh aren't they the cutest little things? Enjoy your new babies.

flowerpress said...

Oh, so very sweet - those little feet! So glad they arrived safely.

Squirrelhaus said...

They are all perfectly adorable!!! Loved all the photos, and the one in the cup is so sweet!!
Chris :o)

Selina said...

Oh they are cah-ute!

teddybearswednesday said...

how utterly magic and special.
I'm a little green.
enjoy xoxo

Copper Patch said...

Bec that is so cool and so exciting!!! Welcome to all the new family members :)

Sue@Orvieto said...

Lovely to see the duckies and Rosie, also the veggie garden looks like its flourishing. Bandit is a great name - who thought of it? Love to everyone including duckies. xxx

Tania said...

Hooray! Congratulations on all the warm and fuzzy stuff!

PS. Is it a bit weird that I come over with a case of the maternal warm and fuzzies whenever I peek at the stick insects? 17 hatchlings and counting...

manda said...

oh sooo cute! we too are waiting for some chickens to hatch. the patience of mother hen sitting there day and night is quite amazing. its so great for the kids isnt it :-)