Monday, August 29, 2011

squeak squeak!

Today the sun is shining again, how lucky we have been lately. So many blue sky days.
It's Monday & I found myself alone today after two weeks of having 
at least one child home every day, sick.
Well I wasn't really alone,

not if you count the three chooks, one rooster, four ducks, two dogs, one rabbit, one turtle and now...

three guinea pigs!

Meet baby Milo, who belongs to my 'twins', Sunday & Billy.

And the very beautiful, Fluff, who is very much loved by Lucy (who is sharing her with Char)

Fluff is so amazing and cute, she has a mini mohawk with a splodge of black in it.

She is also very calm and gentle, she sat so quietly as I took these photo's, I think she quite enjoyed it!
She has one gorgeous blue eye and one brown. She is quite a fancy girl.

Rosie has the teensiest baby who she has called Cutie Pie. 

She is only the size of a big mouse, and so adorable. She and Milo are sisters. The kids have been loving the newest family members, they carry them around in little baskets where ever they go. Especially Rosie who is totally smitten with Cutie Pie.

Now I'm starting to wonder how we will ever be able to go away on holidays! We have so many pets. I might have to find someone to come and stay & mind them in September...would you like to?

Anyway, I'm hoping there will be no more colds or flus in our house this winter. Lots of fruit will help keep the bugs away.

And a big thank you for your lovely messages last week, it's so good to know you care. I haven't been so good at popping around to see you lately but I will as soon as the dust settles.

How is your household going lately? Are you all well and having fun? The school term is slowly winding down, four weeks to go, I can't wait! Have a great week lovely friends, see you soon xo


Sue said...

The guinea pigs are just adorable. I hope you find someone nice to look after your pets for you on holidays, I would love too but then we would have to get someone to look after ours! Enjoy the sunshine with no sickness Beck!

Tania said...

I'm feeling your pet/holiday pain. We should organise a house/pet swap. You don't have a problem with dead stick insects still embalmed in preserving salt, do you? I mean, as well as the eleventy hundred living pets...

Jennie said...

Your beautiful family is getting bigger and bigger!

(we're off v soon to join the Mr in Brisbane. another move...)XX

Copper Patch said...

Sending love and healthy thoughts for you and your clan!
Enjoy the sunshineyness - hasn't it been great?!?!?
Give your new babies a scratch for me.
Ab xx

Hege said...

Adorable guinea pigs! My kids would love to have one :)

I have an award for you in my blog :)

Linda said...

OH guinea pigs! They are the sweetest little pets! We had eight of them over the years, all living to old age...miss their squeaky greetings!

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Oh they are so sweet!!

sandra said...

I just love your guinea pigs, I was quite sad when my children sort of grew out of them.