Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finally six!

Ok so today my baby turned 6!! She hopped in to bed with me this morning and we had the best birthday snuggle, what a great way to start the day. The sun was peeking through the window, making patterns through the lace, outside the chookies were clucking happily and Pepper, our geriatric guinea pig was warming herself in the morning rays. All the kids came in and wished their sister a  happy birthday, cuddles all round.

Today I feel like I"m finally coming out of a grey fog, having not slept well for a week or so. Tiredness is not a good thing is it?

Today I"m wanting to remember exactly what Rosie is like at 6. So here are some things I know about her

She loves to play. With her dolls (new doll Ruthie above), with her friends, making up games about all sorts of things, pets, babies, cool girls, sisters, spies...Rosie likes pizza and spaghetti, strawberries & water melon. I love the way she calls raspberries 'larsberries' still, I hope she always does.

Rosie loves purple and pink, she likes to write letters, stick things together, make games & cubbies,
ride her bike, eat lollies, have surprises & Icey Pole Day.

Rosie can be excitable, emotional, colourful, loud, challenging, kind, thoughtful, cranky,helpful & sweet.

Rosie likes babies, and ballet and dressing up. She loves summer, snow & stories. She is good at doing cartwheels & drawing & making friends. Although we call her Rosie her real name is Rosabella.

I was so happy to be pregnant with Rosie, although I was quite sick near the end. I had a difficult time during my previous pregnancy, when Marks parents both died during the same year, & we moved our family of six to the country. So it was such a joy to have the space & time to enjoy a new baby. I also knew she was my last baby so I made the most of every second. I really loved watching her grow, her personality develop. I breathed in all the good baby smell, fed her till she was almost three and celebrated every milestone. Today I can sit back and enjoy her moving out of that time too, out of toddler hood & pre school and into the next phase of her life. She is a gorgeous girl to be around and fills our house with fun & laughter & love. All children are so precious aren't they?

Happy Birthday Rosie! Hope you have a wonderful day. See you soon lovely friends xo


m.e (Cathie) said...

such a beautiful post and a way to celebrate your gorgeous little girl!
Happy birthday Miss Rosie, hope you have the most wonderful day.
you are so very lucky to have such a sweet mamma who has the most beautiful memories of you recorded for when you get older.

big hugs to you too Beck, well done on raising such wonderful & happy children.

children are wonderful! I have a little guy turning 4 tomorrow..ahhh, my baby ♥

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Rosie! Hope you have a wonderful fantastic day turning 6!

Tania said...

Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY excellent kid. Hooray for birthdays cake! And larsberries! (we get blueblerries around here)...

Cotton Kiwi said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Rosie.
What a huge milestone for you having your baby turn 6. My baby turns 5 on Friday and I've only got 2 of them. I can only imagine how much of an emotional rollercoaster it must be to have your youngest of 6 turn 6! What a lovely new doll too. My girls got American Girl dolls recently too. Enjoy your day!

Floss said...

Happy birthday to your lovely youngest - what a wonderful post!

teddybearswednesday said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your beautiful like cracker Rosie!
And what a beautiful post Beck, and such a treasure for you to remember and Rosie as she gets older too.
And big love and hugs to you, thinking of you ( and hoping you get some sleep) xoxo

Bek said...

What a lovely young lady you have there! Happy bday Rosie!

Squirrelhaus said...

Happy Birthday Rosie! My daughter Rosika will be 21 this year!!! Enjoy all those snuggles and make wonderful memories for the both of you!
Chris :o)