Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday night

Today I drove to Ballarat for ballet and then to Woodend in the afternoon to take Lucy to meet my mum. They are off to Hobart tomorrow to visit my brother and his family. For brief moments along the way we experienced Actual Blue Sky. Wow!! I'm feeling a tiny bit of Spring in the air, although it has been freezing most of the time.

What's been happening in your world? My kids have been sick with tummy stuff and now Rosie has a chest infection. Poor thing, she can't stop coughing. So we have been playing lots of games to cheer her up..

and watching our favourite show, Arthur. Gee I love Arthur and his cheery song, it gets me every time.

I can't wait till the weather is better and we can spend more time outside. I miss hanging out more with the pets and playing in the garden.

Can you see Pepper is missing me?

Or is she just looking for scraps? Guinea pigs are such good little waste disposal units. They love all the apples skins and cores and they adore strawberry tops. Between them and the chooks and our rabbit we manage to have very little food waste. And they are so cute aren't they?

Speaking of chooks we have had a recent death in our chook family.

Our beloved rooster, Tiger, broke his leg recently and never really recovered. He staggered around bravely and looked ok for a while but he died overnight on Friday. As Rosie said, "he went to sleep and never woke up." Poor Tiger, I had a little tear or two when I found him as he had been with us since he was an egg and then a dear little chick.

We'll miss you Tiger.

Back in bunny land I had a brain wave (doesn't happen often) re my boy bunnies. I have had a few requests for boy bunnies lately so I'm looking for ideas to make them unique. A quick visit to the opshop and bingo! A cute pair of baby overalls that I turned into bunny overalls. yay!

Once he gets his stripy ears on he'll be looking good. I've also finished a new girl bunny who is hopping over to the shop tonight. Holly is a real sweetie and super cuddly.

What have you been up to this weekend? Did you vote? It's quiet at our house tonight as Mark is over at Phillippa's (please immediately have a look at her latest post...I couldn't stop laughing, she is so funny) election party with Billy & Sunday, Lucy is at Mum's, Char is at a movie with a friend and Rosie is tucked up in bed. I'm going to watch a bit of the election coverage, which could either put me to sleep or keep me up all night! Hope you are warm and snug wherever you are, have a happy Sunday xo


hausfrau in melbourne said...

My Mum lives in Woodend too! Lovely part of Victoria, and honestly, I don't mind the cold at all. Cheery daffodils are popping up all over my garden, bringing a little bit of brightness to those grey winter afternoons.

Heidi said...

Oh thats so sad about Tiger. I love your new project, Mimi just got a new bunny and everyone at the lodge teased her about rabbit stew...I told her to ignore them and tell them we don't eat family!

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about Tiger, you must be very sad, I'm sure he knew he was loved and had had a good life.
Love the idea of boy bunnies- looking forward to see them Hope you have a wonderful evening and rest of your Weekend. xo

Violet and Rose said...

Every day when you're walking down the street, everybody that you meet ....

Can't get it out of my head now.

It is very cute though.

And I say "hey".

Catherine said...

The first photo is just stunning, the bright green against the blue sky.

I hope Rosie starts to feel better soon, sitting and watching Arthur sounds like the best medicine for getting better though.

Enjoy your Sunday.:)

Sally said...

Arthur is our favourite cartoon here too. We all love it so much.

Lyn said...

Sorry to hear about Tiger. Maybe Pepper has smelt the spring coming too.
Loving the bunnies.

Anonymous said...

heh I love Arthur as well and I love your guinea pig , they are a childhood favourite of mine with all thier cute little noises.

Ciara said...

Wonderful post!

So sorry to hear about Tiger though. I hope the kiddies weren't too sad. :-(

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

I love the sky picture and the dafodil one!

I found your blog through Survey Junkie's Saturday blog hop! Have a great weekend!

Copper Patch said...

Pooor Tiger - I'm sure he had a happy life with the fam and his henny ladies.
Loving the new man-bunny. Very cool overalls!
Ps. I can see sun and I can also see super dark grey clouds. It'll rain. :o)

the textured leaf said...

Alas the spotlight sale is now over. I got there on the last hour of the last day. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. Love your bunny rabbits!

Mary said...

Just love your little boy bunny! So cute!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Your pets are so cute :-)

manda said...

oh poor Tiger :(
and your overalls are way cool for boy bunnies
and speaking of cool kids you know Little Bear? we LOVED little bear...but now the kids are all passed that stage (sob sob) xox

Shropshire Suz said...

Hi glad you like the cowl n flower hehe looks like you could do with one right now was only joking about roll on winter hehe much prefer the sunshine although rather wet here at the moment
Hugs Suz x