Monday, August 16, 2010

At my house

Rain, rain, rain.

It's been raining every day, forever it seems. On Friday night while out at dinner I overheard a local farmer saying that the weather usually changes on the 15th of August! And that was yesterday folks, so I"m looking for signs. The days are getting longer and there is a tiny bit of blossom about but I think we are still in for some cold and wintery days.

So to keep my spirits up I'm thinking of all that's good in my world. A big pile of library books..

drawings by Rosie,

and dear little Pearl who was a special gift from gorgeous Jess.

She and Moby are a match made in heaven. I love them both so much and so does Lucy.

I'm also loving this flower keychain that my mum brought back from America. Isn't it sweet?
I'm the type that needs something big and colourful on their keys as I am forever losing them.

Something else that's been happening lately is a film made locally related to the bushfires we had in our area last year. You might remember I entered an exhibition called Not Left Behind which included items that people took with them when they evacuated.

The exhibition was set up by two local artists, Alison Wilken (my wonderful neighbour & friend) and Jeff Stewart. It was an inspiring and moving exhibition and the film is just as powerful. I wanted to share it with you today as the story it tells is the story of our town during this stressful time but I can't seen to upload the film. Grrrr. Any suggestions welcome!

Today as I took the kids to school the sun shone bravely through the clouds! Yay. But not for long....we then had sleet and rain, again. Oh well, it is winter and I guess it doesn't last forever.
What are you up to today? I'm going to try and get through The List and also work on some new bunnies.

My little shop has got off to a great start and I have quite a few custom orders as well! I'm so thrilled, it's just the best feeling knowing that people like my work and respond so enthusiastically to my bunnies. I will be updating the shop this week, look out for Clare, above, as well as her little friend, Rose.

I'm also experimenting with some beautiful black alpaca that has been crying out to be turned into a bunny. I think there is a penguin or two in there as well, if only I could make everything I dream of. At least life is never boring! What's happening at your house today? I'm playing along with Lou Lou, why don't you join me? Hope you have a happy one, beautiful friends xo


Kate said...

Life at your house looks cozy this morning Beck. I think you could name this post the B post, what with bears and blanket bunnies and blossom and books and bushfire movies and birthday prezzies from us. So looking forward to catching up with you tonight.
I'm off to check out Lou Lou's. X

Sue said...

I have to agree with you about the weather Beck! This morning it poured with rain, then the sun came out, then rain and on and on it has gone all morning! I love your bunnies and the black one is so cute! Jess' toys are just absolutely gorgeous arent they! I hope the sun does come out and shine a little bit, although I quite enjoy being inside knitting away in the warmth. Summer is far too hot for me!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Soooo cold! That sunshine is a terrible tease. Curling up with a nice book sounds like the perfect way to spend some time. So pleased your shop is off to a flying start, of course I'm not surprised..have a wonderful week!

byebyebirdie said...

the weather here in Ballarat is much the same. Although cold and wet, we are also having some sunshine! Well done on your shop. Looks like your bunnies are selling fast.

Jasmine said...

My mother used to make little toys like those for me when I was young - I wish I'd listened when she tried to teach me how to make them myself (or just how to knit in general ... all I can knit is a blanket, but I need Mum to cast on and off! Ridiculous!). They're divine!

Elisabeth said...

Your bunnies are just so cute! Att me place there are clouds, but I belive that there will be no rain. Here in Sweden it is summertime, but this year I never got the summerfeeling. To day the children start school so the house is quiet. Just the jungest one is home. To day I think that I will try to clean the house or maybee I will do some quilting instead :-)
Have a good day.

The Patchwork Heart said...

Wow I am excited to have just found your lovely blog! I love working with recycled fabrics too, wish Id known about the sheet swap!We have much in common please visit me I have a giveaway you may like to sign up for!
Heather x

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Lovely to have you at my house Beck. Thanks for joining in. The weather today was so crazy. I got excited every time the sun came out and then it would rain again. It sure has been cold recently.

Love the little bunnies. Clare is lovely. Their cardigans are SO cute. Glad the shop is going well. Lou.

Mary said...

The black bunny is very cute and I'd be interested in seeing the film if you ever work out how to upload it but sorry no suggestions regarding how to.

teddybearswednesday said...

Look at Pearl, she's in bunny heaven. Love the pic of them together. You are too gorgeous.
But Beck, Im LOVING LOVING black bunny. I hope you make more of her/him, as I think I might need one.
SO happy your shops going great too.

Maria Rose said...

Sounds like you've been busy! I love the rain, but I always get antsy at the end of any season, ready for the next! We're preparing for fall here in the US and I can't wait to break out the sweaters.

Heidi said...

I'm so sick of rain it's been raining for 32 days straight it's officialy the worst summer since 1951 and soon winter is coming for us. YUCK YUCK YUCK your window picture looks like something out of a magazine and always I adore the bunny!!

MomAgain@40 said...

Lovely post!
Thanks for sharing some of your world! :D
We have a very dry winter here in South Africa, but it is quite sunny at the moment. We are beginning to feel spring..

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

The bunnies are so sweet and I love the drawing of the bunnies- so sweet!!!