Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

Today was Australia Day, what does that mean for you? I love Australia but I don't feel like I need a special day to appreciate it. We didn't celebrate but we did have a lovely day. Perhaps today was more a celebration of our Australian/Swedish/American family in a way, and our life in a small country town.

There was buttermilk pancakes for breakfast, a big hit with all of us! Then the kids set up a stall just down from our house, with Ruby from Nextdoor. They sold eggs, herbs, plums, jam and flowers.

Inspired by Kate, who is always whipping up beautiful dresses for her girls, and Charlotte, who threw this little number (see below) together this morning, I made an attempt at a dress for Sunday.

We were in Ballarat yesterday & went to a great opshop where amongst other things I bought two white singlets.

I sewed a part of this pretty pink & yellow flowery sheet onto one of the singlets & suddenly it was a dress! Sunday was so excited and looked so pretty in it. I really enjoyed making something special for her.

Ok so then Rosie wanted a big of the action. Lucky I had two singlets!

A sweet cotton nightie was cut into two and hemmed, and the bottom part sewn onto the singlet no.2.

You can see that they were both pretty simple but it was satisfying, fun & quick.
Rosie loved her dress too & danced in it till she was exhausted.

One day I'd like to learn more about how to sew from a pattern & I'd love to be more confident & make more clothes for the kids, and hopefully myself!

Charlotte has started packing to go back to school. It's a tricky time for us all as we feel the sand disappearing under our feet, the water dragging her back into the big ocean of Melbourne & school. We've had so much fun together, this summer, it's been the best. I hate her going away and last night I found myself crying in bed, anticipating her not being around. I know I'm a big sook & prone to crying at the drop of a hat, but it's just hard. I'm not great with change & always have this difficult time when Charlotte leaves.

It's a good thing she was being silly today because that really cheered me up! The girls played dolls, yes even Charlotte, and sat on the back steps being funny.

Then it was back to more sewing, Ruby made a book cover & Lucy started on a softie from the Meet Me at Mikes craft book.

While they got crafty I got out the new family calender & chore charts that we bought in Sydney. I'm hoping they will make life run a little more smoothly once school goes back. Anything that gets me more oganised can't be a bad thing. I'm half looking forward to returning to school routine & half terrified that I'll sleep in, or forget something important. I'm really going to miss the relaxed pace of the holidays & having lots of unscructured time with the kids, but I will enjoy having some more time to myself & hopefully I'll get some sewing done too!

What's happening in your world this week? Hope you're having a good one, see you soon xo


Linda said...

such beautiful dresses you have made!!! lucky girls, that's my kind of sewing - simply and quick but really satisfying. I can relate to your tears, even though my eldest is at home still, she is so busy and has just got her licence before xmas and I find it very hard sometimes to cope with the change in the family this has brought about, she is never home

Sarah said...

It certainly looks like you fill your time together with happy fun lovely things!
The frocks are so pretty, everything looks so pretty at yours. Certainly cheers me up on a cold damp day over here!
Hope the departure isn't too upsetting, the time will soon pass until you all get together again I'm sure. x

A Country Girl said...

Those dresses are lovely - so pretty and yet such a simple idea.
And as for those pancakes - mmmmmm!
I've got a few more years yet before I need to shed tears for my children leaving but I'm sure I'll cry a river when the time comes!

GardenofDaisies said...

What cute dresses! And yummy pancakes!
I understand how hard it is to send kids off to school. I have two away at college now.

picciolo said...

hey I love those dresses, what a clever idea, it really looked a if both girls loved them too
: )

teddybearswednesday said...

OH I love pancakes. Looks like you had a lovely day, but also a sad one too. I can imagine it must be very hard Charlotte leaving, I always find it hard when my sister visits from the Uk and then has to go back.
I guess the good thing about it is it means you really love each other.

Little Ted Canvas said...

Your dresses are great! Love the kid's stall, hope they sold all their goodies. Keep enjoying your holidays...

sue said...

The dresses turned out wonderfully Beck! I love them both. Your pancakes look so nice, makes me want to cook some up now. I am sure it must be hard for you when Charlotte goes back to school, I think I would feel the same way too. I am hoping next week that I dont sleep in either. Tomorrow will be spent covering school books and getting some last little bits for uniforms!

Jemm said...

What fun little projects those look like. I am looking forward to warm summer days for the kiddos to go out and play in.

summerfete said...

hello looks like you had a lovely day.

reading your post on Sydney brings back memories for me, as we took a trip to Australia and went to Manley and Bondi beaches. We did find the ferries out of Sydney harbour extremely topsy turvy!

Clare x

Doily said...

Darl, if you can wing it with such ease then patterns are a cinch! Let me know when your up for it (concerntration is needed with out much background natter!)im always available for a helping hand! Your ozzie day looked in the spirit of celebration. XXX
PS mitts off my stash lady!

hester said...

Such beautiful happy photos. I really loved the one of the girls posing with the dolls. Charlotte sounds very special, so I sympathise with you anticipating the separation. You'll have to plan another weekend away together!