Monday, August 31, 2009

Nice weather for ducks

While it's all very well and good that we have had such a lot of rain lately I am feeling that end of winter mood that seems to sweep over me every year about this time.
It's cold, it's wet, everything seems damp, mouldy...muddy.

The charm of winter has faded somewhat. If, however, you are a duck it's probably heaven.

The changing of seasons in the central highlands is a long and drawn out affair. Kind of like a relationship breakup that takes forever. One sunny day....two weeks of grey. A little tease of warmness and then some long blasts of arctic air. Getting the picture?
The up side is that living here we really do get to feel the seasons. I know from the little bits of blossom around the place, and the jonquils and daffs, that things are changing and spring is on the way. I just wish it would hurry up!

Meet Wolf Man, he called by on the weekend.
Bill spent quite a while in this guise, I really like the colour - it made up for the lack of blue sky!

Extreme weather conditions call for extreme hot water bottle action. Do you like my tea towel cover? I had plans to make more, or should I say HAVE plans, it's a matter of finding the time. Where does it go? Have I told you that shortly I am going to be returning to study? Yep, it's official. I will be attempting to get a Diploma of Children's Studies. This will hopefully lead on to a further year of study doing a course called Pre & Post Natal Care. I really want to work with women and help them through this important time of life. It's going to be a lot of work and I'm a bit scared about how I'm going to fit everything in. But I'm also excited and looking forward to this new part of my own life.

A lovely girl from school made me a little origami horse recently so I made this lavender birdie for her from scraps of alpaca. It smells gorgeous. I've been sewing some lavender hearts too that the kids put in their pillows to help them sleep.
So even though the sun isn't out and things are a bit ho hum I can see light at the end of the tunnel. At least this winter we haven't been as sick as last year, we had a lot of gastro and colds which was horrible. And we are lucky enough to be going away in a few weeks to the very beautiful Mooloolaba! ( The last time we went was before Rosie was born and Sunday was just a wee little baby floating in an orange ring in the pool. Awww. She was so cute.) I can't wait to feel some tropical warmth.
How was your weekend? Did you enjoy some time with your family or friends? Maybe it's becoming autumn in your part of the world. Lots of love to you all xo

ps: I bought this frame recently for two dollars at the opshop. I didn't realise until later that it had a face!


daylesford organics said...

Such a bizarre post to read from here. The rain, the puddles, the cold, the grey...are we really in the same country? It's been hard for me to update my Daylesford blog because the photos I took before we left seem out of date due to the huge amount of rain last week. Just hold on a little longer until your holiday because when you get there it will be hard to remember ducks and arctic air. I miss you heaps...but not the weather.

Leanne said...

Love that scooter!!
Ooh Mooloolaba...sand and surf...enjoy!

hester said...

Your part of the worl is so picturesque. I feel as though I've just read a beautiful photography book or seen a lovely film. And I really love that lavendar ducky.

Floss said...

Oh, fantastic post - so much to see and reflect on! We have your kind of puddle (or 'swimming pool') outside our house every winter. This spring Ben dug a large trench through the puddle zone, which now houses flower beds around a fence, so I await with interest to see if this provides better drainage... Thanks for coming over and seeing a bit of Brittany blue skies. Now we're home we can feel the beginnings of autumn. It's still sunny and warm but the heat wave (I sincerely hope) is a thing of the past and the mornings are positively fresh.

CurlyPops said...

What beautiful photos. Love the hot water bottle cover - too cute!
I'm a bit over the dreary weather too. I wish I could go to Mooloolaba.

Pomona said...

It all looks so green with you! We have had such a dry summer that the grass in the orchard is yellow - I'm beginning to yearn for some really serious rain - so much of the trees and hedge we planted in the spring is looking very sad.

Pomona x

sue said...

I have been enjoying the rain we have been having, and yes we have a nice sunny day and then 2 gray ones. I actually saw the bees buzzing around in my garden this morning so spring is definately here now. Even my rosebush has 2 yellow roses on it already. I love the little birdie you made. Maybe I need to make some of those lavender hearts to put in pillows at our house so everyone sleeps a lot better too. We havent had any gastro (thank goodness) but we have had bronchitis and nasty coughs. I think once I can open some windows and air the house out it will get some fresh air in to clear out the germs. I have to say that your hot water bottle cover looks great too, what a fantastic way to use those teatowels. You could possible make wheat bags too couldnt you.

Anonymous said...

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