Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lavender & lamingtons

Yesterday Rosie and I and two special friends went to the beautful lavender farm, Lavandula, out at Shepherds Flat. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the little girls ran and ran and ran.

We sat and had a picnic surrounded by daffodils and marvelled at the weather - after a long, long winter it was good to feel that sunshine and smell the spring air. Do you like Rosie's new pink shoes?

Michelle snuck in a cat nap while we went in search of donkeys. Hee haw...

What a lovely place to visit, it always makes you feel good. I don't know alot about its history except that it was once a working farm owned by local Swiss Italians. I'd like to learn a bit more about Lavandula and hope to visit it a bit more often.

The other reason I was there was to purchase some of their lavender. I needed it to fill the little Sleepy Hearts that are my current sewing project. I'll post some photo's soon, I'm quite happy with how they are looking.
I'll be bringing some to the pre Christmas Daylesford Makers Market which is coming up in November, as well as the usual Blanket Bunnies & other Dandelion items. I hope to see lots of bloggy friends there at my Dandelion stall, it's such a lovely way to catch up in 'real life'. Do pop by the DMM blog and have a look, & if you are interested in helping out with the market you can find details on there as well. It should be another amazing market, I'm really looking forward to it.
Besides lavender experiences this week has been choc a block full of things. Raffles at school, PerformingArts night catering, book club, classroom helper, chooks, footy tips & prizes, basketball, art class, ballet, lunches, dinners, washing, sewing, dreaming, screaming (nah..just joking...hang on, maybe there was some screaming... ) and the usual mayhem that is family life. Phew!

Anyway, there has also been Laminton making!! Yep, you heard me, lamingtons. The great Australian cake. Never having been a big fan of these coconut covered delights I am now officially hooked.

Rosie enjoyed the whole process, especially cracking the eggs (No shell in the mix!)

Can you hurry up so I can lick that bowl....?

And here are the little beauties themselves...they didn't last long of course. (If anyone would like the recipe just send me an email. They are easy to make and it's fun dipping the cake in chocolate syrup and rolling them in coconut...mmmm)

So there you have it, another fun packed few days have flown by. I can't believe it's Friday ...hope you all have a great weekend xox


Tania said...

I think you have out-busied me this week. Am a little bit envious of the sparkle-arkley new shoes. And I would LOVE to get hold of your lamington recipe - just what we need on the agenda this weekend!

daylesford organics said...

So pleased the sun is shinning for our return tomorrow! I'd love the lamington recipe too. Let's catch up next week. XX

Home Girl said...

i love lavender, i bet u are making something super cute to fill up. might just have to trek to daylesford to get my hads on some of your adorable craft

sue said...

I havent been to that Lavender Farm in quite some time, a few years now in fact. I hope I have some free time to attend the market in November, it would be great to meet you in person. Those lamingtons do look very yummy so you might have to email me a copy so I can try it out. I really dont know how you fit it all in, you must be super organised.

Eguchi Family said...

Lamingtons are a lot of fun and if you really just want the icky sticky gooyey messy fun bit, and want chocholate and coconut on your fingers, just buy a pre made sponge and cut it up and then do the rest yourself. Heaps of fun! Sooooo easy and it looks home made.

Pomona said...

I have just discovered lamingtons in my Good Housekeeping cookery book - although there it is just icing rather than dipping! I will have to try them!

Pomona x

hester said...

I don't think I've ever seen a mother create such a wonderful life for a family! And your kitchen is so colourful. Looks like a really happy place to be as does the beautiful lavender farm.

Also....thanks for your lovely supportive comments the other day. long do you think it would take to drive from Brisbane to the Daylesford markets?

Nikki Cardigan said...

I love your photo and words... "the little girls ran and ran".

Sounds like a busy week that rewarded all your senses... the beautiful countryside to see, children playing to hear, lavender to smell, chocolate syrup to feel and lamingtons to taste.

And I would love a copy of your recipe please Beck.

Amber said...

Oh i love the look of those lamingtons, yummm.
The lavender farm looks so beautiful, how relaxing and peaceful. Hope you are well and had a great