Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Lost Tooth!!

Sunday suddenly noticed the other night that her wobbly tooth was no longer there! We did have a crunchy pizza for dinner so I'm thinking she probably swallowed it. Never mind...we wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter explaining what happened. She kindly dropped off a shiny gold coin and some sparkly fairy dust which was just so exciting!! Gotta love that Tooth Fairy x


Mandy said...

Oh goodness first tooth out! Bless her. What is the 'going rate' from the tooth fairy these days ?? Is she leaving paper money??
Have a great day xxx

bekimarie said...

Awww, isn't that tooth fairy lovely!
Enjoy your week.
Beki xxx

Amber said...

Ohhhh so sweet. Her first tooth, what a big step.


Michelle said...

Cute photo! Yes thank goodness the Tooth fairy is very forgiving - Elsa's eaten two of her three teeth!

Jemm said...

Fairy dust!! I've never thought of that--after 20+ teeth lost in this house between the two girls :) Brilliant idea!

Leanne said...

Oh wow what a milestone....for you both ;)