Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lots of lovely apples...

Autumn has really arrived here in Daylesford and with it, finally, came the rain. Today, amongst a million other things, I have been picking apples...

and feeding hungry chookies & all the other pets.

It takes quite a while to feed & water all our creatures. Little Lion & Tiger (above) are doing well and Lion really loves jumping on her/his mum for a snuggle and a good view. Mama Chook is a very good mum, she is extremely protective of her children and keeps them toasty warm during the freezing nights. What a girl.

Talking of great girls...last week Rosie had tonsilitis again so we spent alot of time at home, inside, making things & cooking. It's fun hanging out with Rosie, she is so enthusiastic about every thing she does. She loves to paint & cook and play with Max & Daisy.

There was no time to blog, well not much and it also it meant I didn't have any time for this
little fabric book that I am itching to finish. Several nude bunnies are also sitting patiently in the sewing room awaiting noses & clothes (bit chilly!)

Well I started this post with apples so I'll finish with them too. I can't believe we have so many this year. Lucy and I picked heaps today and then dried and wrapped them in newspaper to store away for winter. Apples with holes went into one pile for cooking later and we also filled a basket to take to school tomorrow. Whilst we worked quinces bubbled away on the stove. Tomorrow I hope to turn them into jelly and bottle them up. How much fun is it to grow, use and give away all these beautiful things - and yes, thankyou gorgeous chickens for your eggs too. Take care, see you soon. x


PaisleyJade said...

Those apples look sooo yummy!

Jemm said...

How cute your baby chooks are!! I love how it is riding on her back. Adorable!! Great looking apples too.

Leanne said...

Oh my goodness look at all those gorgeous apples! that is an autumn harvest!

char said...

hey nun,
lovely blog!
rosie looks so old! i thought she was sunday!
love you miss you xx