Monday, February 16, 2009

Things that make me smile...

It's been a hell of a week & like many other people I haven't felt much like blogging. This week I am trying to get back on track & I'm really enjoying, and am grateful for, simple things and things that make me smile. One of those is my brother's teddy, above. When my brother was a little boy he loved his teddy so much - you can see from the picture that this is one much loved bear. Ben had a way of sucking his thumb and sort of twiddling Teddy at the same time (technical term 'foofing). Such a lot of foofing went on that in the end mum had to amputate Teddy's foot. I'm not sure how I ended up with this lovely bear but he sits on my shelf and makes me smile.

While we're on beloved toys here is a group of my favourites. Big Ted was found in a op shop and begged me to take him home. How could I resist? On his lap is Little Ted who belonged to a lovely boyfriend of mine who died at nineteen. He is very special. Next is Helen Holiday who was given to me by my nan when I was seven. She was simply the best present ever. Nan made a wardrobe of gorgeous outfits, underwear, nightie, a ski suit and a beautiful fur lined cape with a hood -all in a little suitcase. I can still remember my excitement. As you can see she has lost her clothes along the way... I really should find something for her to wear! Sitting next to her is Charlotte (I've always liked the name!) who I have had forever. This little group sit and take in the world out my window, they do make me smile.

During the week I lashed out a bought a few books. One is this gorgeous book, Material Obsession. Will I ever make a quilt? Hmmmm....I can dream.

On Valentine's Day I set off with Sunday to go to the Kyneton Farmer's market. We had booked a chook, well actually two, and went to pick them up. While we were there we fell in love with two little budgies who were canoodling and smooching. We decided we would buy them as a family present, oh how cute they are. Of course they have been named Romeo & Juliet - lets hope they have a brighter future than their namesakes!

Speaking of smooching...(apologies for the blurry photo but the photographer was overcome by emotion!) Hope you all enjoyed some love on the weekend too. x


Amber said...

I love the last shot, it was my favorite of all. I love to see others in love. Gorgeous.
Oh and love the chickens...very cute. The perfect edition.
Hope your week is brightening up...xx

Lynda said...

Truly a post of love! From bears and dolls to birds and real dolls!
Have you been ok in the fires?
We are in Banyule, so virtually everyone here has been touched by Kinglake and Whittlesea losses.
Yet I see the silver lining here, we are a more connected community that spans past the council boundaries. Hope you are safe and well.

PS will read "the riders" very soon.

LiliPili said...

Like you I've not felt much like blogging. but I was inspired by your post and will do something tonight when the kids are asleep.

PS Love the shot of you kissing.... very special. xx

the vintage magpie said...

I love the bear, so gorgeous. And that book was my most recent purchase too.. oh the quilts are to die for in it aren't they! x

Jemm said...

What a sweet picture! I have in fact read the Book Thief. I thought it was very good. Maybe a little too deep to be a young adult book, but maybe not. I think I've read all of the books in the shelf on my blog. I love Shelfari, it's so fun to play with.

PaisleyJade said...

I do love your blog... kids, chickens and softies... my passions too!

Anonymous said...

Hi There..How are you..!! Ii love the shot of the smoochers..too cute..yours as well..!!keep smooching and laughing..!! Have a great day..!!PS your kids are cute..!!