Monday, February 9, 2009

Bush fires...

What a terrible, devastating weekend - the bushfires that have destroyed lives & homes have shocked us all. Thank god for the fire fighters who work tirelessly to help save people and properties. My heart goes out to all who are suffering, animals too. It was so sad to watch the news last night with the images of blackened towns and shattered faces imprinted in my mind as I went off to bed. I am so thankful for my family, our home, our lovely garden, our lucky lives.

It's hard to know how to go about things today - I am trying to be calm and understand that such alot of life is out of our control. Again I think of how lucky I am to have my beautiful family and friends, my lovely home in a fantastic community - it just makes me more determined to make the most of my life and to give to others where I can.

Speaking of giving - the Red Cross are organising donations for people affected by the bush fires so if you can please help.

How will the towns that have burnt rebuild, recover? Small communities have an amazing capacity to keep going & support each other. I was sad to see that Brian Naylor & his wife were killed, does anyone remember that catchy, and sometimes annoying, song "Brian told me so..!"? It was used to advertise the news in the 70's or 80"s(?) His friendly face would be familiar to many people who grew up with Brian reading the news.
Phew...what a weekend. I'm going to quietly go about my day now - more decluttering and sorting, spending time with my little Rosabella, feeding the chooks & all the little things that make up a day. And of course I am also sending out lots of good wishes and love to all those affected by the fires. x


Amber said...

Oh what a heart felt post. It is a tragedy. Your words were lovely. I agree we need to appriciate and hold onto what we close.

Flossie and Tom said...

Its so terrible - its difficult to understand here in the UK with snow covering the ground but I send my love and hope that people will recover and rebuild


Dutch Boy said...

With flooding up north and fire storms down south, I too feel so lucky and blessed that my family is thoughts and prayers are with those that lost so much.

Jemm said...

I heard about the fires and thought of you. I wondered how far away you are from them. It just sounds awful and horribly scary. I hope you stay safe and sound.

char said...

hey mum,
16 followers now! i am very happy for you! xx

Sally said...

I am so sorry about your bush fires. It is a complete irony that you are suffering that when we are smothered in snow. It's really awful the number of people that have been killed in them. It's so sad.