Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The holidays are over...

....yes they are! After a week of extreme heat where life seemed to be on hold it's back to school, work & creche for my little brood. Numero Uno is back at school in the city which is always hard - I really miss her when she leaves. Beautiful Sunday is starting prep this year and went off to school looking like such a big school girl.

Billy & Lucy started in their new classes & it was nice to see all the people from school. I love our little school, it's such a friendly place.

So where does this leave me? I'm trying to get my head around it all and find some order in the chaos of mess left from the holidays, changing rooms and fixing up the bathroom. I'm really keen to get into some sewing but need to put all my sewing stuff into it's new space. Ideas are popping around my mind so I can't wait to be settled with everything in it's place and get stuck into some new bunnies and other bits. It feels quite odd not having any work on the go but I'm really enjoying looking at other people's work on all the lovely blogs I visit. It's so inspiring to see and aren't we lucky to be able to access all this creativity from the comfort of our own space. (Re comfort..computer is in our lounge room which at present has toast crusts on the floor, bits of random paper lurking over every surface, dvd's without cases, texta lids near my feet etc. Comfy? hmmm...)

Speaking of creativity it was lovely to bump into lilipili today at creche drop off. It's funny to suddenly see your fellow blogger in 'real life'. (What gorgeous children you have lilipili. Lets catch up sometime for a cuppa and a chat.) If you haven't already visited her blog then pop on over and have a look at all the beautiful things she makes.

Well it's time to get out of the house into some fresh country air (what a relief after last week!) & pick up my preppie. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on my last post. Have a great day x


LiliPili said...

Thanks Beck. It was so nice to run into you too. I would love to have a coffee with you...x

bekimarie said...

I hate the quiet and emptiness when the children aren't there.
Yet there's other times like today, school closed because of snow which had dissappeared by lunchtime and all I get from Jess and her friend is 'we're bored' which drives me nuts.

Big ((hugs))
Beki xxx

Lynda said...

I am feeling exactly like you. It is not that I am without hobbies, employment blah blah, it is just that the kids are pivotal to being in this life. My baby became a preppie too this year and now I have all these hours to fill. There is plenty of chaos to re-order but I don't feel up for that at the moment hee hee.

Hope the weekend comes round for you really soon.
Love your blog..

PS what is that shade of green, would LOVE to know

Jemm said...

What a beautiful view you have! I always feel so lost when the kiddos go back to school after a long absence.

Alice Band said...

Hiya. I have been so worried about you all over there. Are you ok? How is my Philippa? Please send her my love x