Monday, February 23, 2009

Hanging with the girls...

Oh my goodness..I have just had such a fun weekend away in Melbourne!! Six of us friends hopped on a train and left family life behind to celebrate Phillipa's birthday. What a bonus to have our good friend Mandy as the conductor on the train!

We stayed right in the heart of town in a cute hotel that has been welcoming people from the country and interstate for many years. Very handy, comfy & full of atmosphere.

Who would have thought Patti Newton would have featured in our mini holiday? We happened across a free concert to raise money for people affected by the bushfire and watched Patti strut her stuff on stage. She was pretty amazing actually, and hilarious. At one point she whipped out Bert's hair piece and tried it on some of the musicians..very funny.

We managed to pack a fair bit into a short,

winding our way through laneways and arcades,

drinks at the Gin Palace ...

and a yummy dinner at Cookie.

It's a good thing it was noisy in there as the table conversation was, well...a bit saucy... silly... frank... funny... slurred... wacky... revealing... fascinating? Possibly all of the above. A bunch of women out on the town should not be underestimated. Good clean fun...well fun anyway.

Anyway, the next day there were a few sore heads and after dosing up on Hairy Lemon we went to the gorgeous European for breaky. Delicious.

After a bit more perusing around wonderful Melbourne we hopped back on the train - a good way to ease back into life in the country. What a great weekend, it did me the world of good. What did you do? x


PaisleyJade said...

What a fun time! I love the russian dolls too!

Amber said...

Fun it..Pleased you had fun..xx

Jemm said...

That sounds like you had a fantastic time!! Hubby and I went to a wine tasting hosted by a local charity. It was a fun weekend too!

Lynda said...

What a fun weekend! Which gorgeous gal was you?