Thursday, November 6, 2008

Crazy Daisy & the Teen Dolls

I know I go on about my chooks alot but have I ever mentioned our dogs, Max & Daisy? Max (full name Maxwell Holiday-Man) is a handsome black cockerspaniel & Daisy (Daisy Maisy Bates) is a spoodle (poodle/cocker cross). Max is pretty laid back, except if someone puts their hand over the fence to say hello, and then he becomes a real tough guy. Not to mention the way he treats the postie.. that's another story. (If you are reading this Mr Postie, I am really sorry about Max's behaviour.) Anyway, Daisy is a lovable little rascal who just wants to be with the family THE WHOLE TIME. Yes, she loves Max but she wants to be with people too. The problem with this is that I like to have the chooks out in the garden and Daisy wants to GET THEM! And she has. We lost one chook to her clutches a while ago and now she has a real taste for it. Hmmm. So obviously they need to be kept seperate but this is difficult with many doors and small children randomly opening them. I try to let the chookies out in the afternoon and let Daisy and Max play out the back in the morning and this mainly works. Yesterday, however, the Grunge Princess (3), left the door open and the next thing I heard poor Rocky (our lovely black Plymouth Rock chook) squawking and yelling (is that possible?). I ran out to find Daisy had Rocky bailed up in the hedge with feathers flying. Alison, my neighbour, came to help and we managed to rescue poor Rocky and she seemed unharmed. Phew! That naughty Daisy got a stern talking to. I really needed a cuppa and a good lie down after that. Ahh.. pets.

As I may have mentioned we recently had our school fete and whilst helping sort the books out I came across these fantastic doll's clothes pattern books. I love the dreamy look from the girl holding the doll. Ahh...teen dolls!!

I want this beach outfit. Check out the hat! It's a bit Ned Kelly. And mesh works so well in the sun, doesn't it?

This book features the winning designs from a competition run by New Idea. Inside it features photo's and details of all the winners. Gorgeous.

Anyway, I better tootle off. It's time to pack up the blog for now and get on with the day. I have no kids at home today so I need to sew, sew, sew in preparation for the upcoming Maker's Market. The bunnies are coming along well and I hope to post some photos of them soon. Am having a camera crisis as GP broke mine, I could use Char's camera but can't find the charger and I did borrow my Mum's camera but seem to have misplaced it. Oops.
I do have my eye on a replacement camera for myself but am saving up and the piggy bank isn't full yet. x

ps. the chicken pops (as they are now known in these parts) were confirmed on Monday and the patient has now recovered. Yay!

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Amber said...

Oh your poor little plymouth rock chook. They are one of my favorite breeds...
Cheeky puppy dog.
Lovely pics..xx