Monday, November 10, 2008

Things on the go!

I came across some colourful magnetic letters recently and thought I'd make something with them for the Maker's Market. These keyrings can also become necklaces with an extra chain attached. They were fun to make!

I have lots of bunnies on the go at the moment, all in different states (mainly Victoria!). I love the process of making my bunnies, from an offcut or old jumper to a dear little creature who is ready for cuddles.

Do you like my Jeff Kennett pin cushion?

I've always had a thing for doll's beds and bedding and spent alot of time as a girl putting teddies and dollies to bed. For the Maker's Market I'm also making up some little beds, should be cute!

Before I go I have some sad chook news. Our littlest chooken, Madam, died over the weekend. Yes, Daisy was the culprit. I really cried for Madam and the whole situation because I love the chooks and I love Daisy. The chickens need to be safe so that is the priority at the moment. This week I'm working on a solution and so far it's been ok. The chickens are not free ranging as much and have a few hours in the morning instead. Lets hope this strategy works and then I can also add some much wanted ducks to the menagerie!!

Bye for now! x


char said...

love the key chain letter things! that are fantastic! you have such brilliant ideas!!! also i love the orange bunny and the grey one. the picture of the 3 bunnies all together is sooo cute. the dress on orange bunny it really adorable as well. hey i didnt know we were getting ducks! i would love a duck! like i really reallly want one!!!!!
x x x x x

Michelle said...

All gorgegous stuff your making - I love dolls beds too - have a nice vintage one which I should make some bedding for.

Sorry to her about your Madam - very sad to lose a chook...

Lark said...

Love them all, can't wait to see those beds! Where is the letter a? Hope you are saving it for me!