Friday, October 31, 2008

Frazzled Friday

Well it's Friday and I'm feeling a little frazzled. Why you may ask? It just seems there's alot on lately and I'm getting woken up a little too early by the Grunge Princess. Today is Hunchie's birthday, hooray! So the plan is to go out tonight for din dins and Charlotte (16) will mind the other four. She has to be picked up from the train at 5.00. The kids and Hunch are planning to go Trick or Treating so there is costumes to be worked out and much excitement to be had. ( Its nice having an american born dad who also gets excited!) Meanwhile we have the school fete on this Sunday and so this morning I have been at school sorting books and looking through the Trash & Treasure in preparation. Yes, there's more. Dinner for the kids has to be worked out, the dogs need a run, the chooks have to be fed and let out for their daily roam. The house looks a bit trashed, dishes aren't done...should I go on??????????????
Yes, I've left the best till last. While dropping of Sunday & GP at creche this morning I noticed a lot of bites on Sundays face and arms. Thinking they might be mozzie bites I didn't worry and went on my way but as the morning wore on I started to think.... CHICKEN POX!! I remember Charlotte had them, 12 years ago, but I can't really remember what they look like. Hmmmm. Oh well, what can I do?

So there you have it. I think I might just leave the housework and sit and sew. Bunnies need stuffing (sounds a bit scary), tiny dresses need ric rac and I'm still working on a pile of library bags. I'm getting things together for the upcoming Maker's Market here in our lovely town. Should be fantastic!

My boy Bill in the quince tree. Bill is trying really hard to remember to use good manners lately and it's been a bit of a struggle. He is generally pretty good but forgets easily and speaks before he thinks. Is this a boy thing maybe? Hate to be gender specific but the girls haven't had the same issue. Anyway, he's trying and that's the main thing. I guess we need to be patient and remember that some things take longer than others.

Wonder what he is going to wear for Trick or Treating tonight?

Beautiful Rosabella (GP) relaxing after a tiring flower picking session. ( Is that a chickens bum lurking in the background?)

Kids really have trouble with the whole 'birthday' doesn't always always mean 'party' concept, don't they and who can blame them? Poor Rosie really cried this morning when although it's Daddy's birthday she still had to go to creche (Kidna's). "But I want to go to Daddy's party!!!"

A photo of the garage that we have recently cleared out & fixed up. The kids have been enjoying playing in here and hopefully it will become a good place to hang out in winter.
Bye for now x



Amber said...

Hmmm my little man is doing a lot of the not thinking before speaking and it does get tiring.
I seem to be saying "I am not your slave honey"," you can do it", "dont speak to me that way baby it makes me sad" yes I hear your pain there.
Have a nice weekend and i hope you get some relax time..

Michelle said...

Ahh the quiet country life!