Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yes...they're back!!

Yes the chicken pops are back in town! Rosie, aka the Princess of Grunge, has been waking up at night this week and now I know why! So far she only has a few spots but I guess they could multiply over the next day or so. Let's hope not. So I admit I was feeling a little flat this morning, a bit over tired and teary. I'm ok now and have hopefully adjusted to this new challenge. Because, lets face it, life is challenging and ever changing. Without being too Pollyanna about it I realise it could be worse, chicken pox is not the end of the world. Anyway now I need to try to reschedule hair appointments, negotiate how to get the older two to their school sleepover tonight without infecting the school community, and generally get my head around being house bound for a few days. Phew! Hunch is away on a year 8 camp and is due back tomorrow so that will help. He did mention that gastro has been sweeping through the camp...hmmm. I may need to quarantine him!

To cheer myself up I have been taking photo's outside and enjoying spring.

Handsome Max, he is such a lover boy!

Sunday took this one of me looking wistful (demented?) in our garden.

Despite illness there have been many lovely things happening lately. I am really enjoying sewing and creating and have found it has given me lots of new energy. The more I make the more ideas I seem to have and this is so exciting!! If only I had more time to do everything - but family life is so demanding isn't it? Anyway, I feel like I've carved out a little place for me within the domestic whirl and that feels good. I'm looking forward to the Maker's Market and sharing a stall with lovely Steph. Both Steph and my good friend Allison, from Lark, have written some great things about Dandelion on their blogs recently, how sweet are they?!

Other great things... Billy (6) is loving riding his bike after finally mastering riding without training wheels. He has also started circus class which is excellent and so much fun. Lucy (8) is loving Girl Guides and is getting ready for her dance concert. Sunday (5) is making lots of amazing things at home and at Goanna Kinder, and just loving being with her friends. Rosie (3) is into everything as usual and is so much fun to be around. Charlotte (16) is in the middle of her Drama production which sounds fantastic, I wish I could be there to see it. Char has her L plates now too, wow!!!! My lovely Mum has been here for a couple of days and that's always fun. We always have good chats and she is making some beautiful little knitted clothes for the bunnies. Thanks Mum!

Better skedaddle... bye for now x
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