Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little notes...

Last weekend I popped down to Melbourne to have special birthday dinner with my eldest daughter (turning 16!) & my lovely mum. We also went to see the movie, The Duchess, which was beautiful to watch, if a little unbelievable. One scene that really struck a cord with me was when Georgiana (The Duchess) receives a set of little wrapped up letters from her children. Just about to leave her husband for her lover the notes make her realise her love for her children whom she cannot desert. It is a sad but beautiful moment & made me think how powerful our love for our children is. Imagine then how amazing it was to come home to find my own set of pretty little loving notes on my bed! Oh it's nice to be missed and to also be reminded of how important my children are to me, and me to them.

On Monday my dear mate, Carm, visited with two of her girls. All the kids played happily in the sandpit and outside in the garden while we chatted and had a cuppa, or two. How good it is to be with an old friend! They couldn't stay too long but it was so nice to have them here. Next time I hope they bring Daisy Kate.

Spring as sprung here in the country and there are flowers and blossom everywhere. The quince and apple trees are looking gorgeous and the chooks are loving the green, green grass.

A funny thing happened with our chooks recently. Because they free range alot they lay their eggs in random spots in the garden. This works well for the local crows who greedily grab the eggs and fly off. Sometimes these eggs fall and they have been landing in the childcare centre nearby. The children at the centre have been finding eggs in the garden and wondering where they came from!! This explains where all our missing eggs have gone! Naughty crows.

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