Wednesday, October 1, 2008

today was...

...a crazy kind of day. Lucy, Billy & Sunday had fun at a t-shirt designing class, can't wait to see what they made when I pick up the t-shirts tomorrow. Mark then took Billy, Lucy & Charlotte to the beach for a few days. That left me with Rosie & Sunday - I hung out washing while they played in the sandpit, swung on swings, rode on scooters, made mud pies etc. We cleared out the toy basket adding many items to the op shop bag and re-filled the basket with our massive collection of duplo. Looked at my new project, a woollen bunny, but didn't have a chance to finish her ears. She is made of soft alpaca wool and will wear a pretty floral dress, made from an old pillow case, and hopefully a little cardigan. We had yummy creamy pasta for dinner and then after stories the girls went to bed. As I am really pooped I decided not to go to Book Club tonight even though I will miss seeing all my lovely Book Club friends. Better grab a chammomile tea and hop into bed! Goodnight x

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