Sunday, March 4, 2012

Taking chances

I'm not much of a risk taker these days...I guess I play it pretty safe.

I don't jump out of planes, make rash decisions, I'm not that spontaneous & I don't stray too far from home.

When I was younger I guess I was lucky in many ways, considering the crazy life I led at times. I took chances, made mistakes, got into a bit of trouble and had some pretty sad times.  I did also had some bad luck, and was sometimes in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don't dwell on those days now, I had so many happy times too. As I've got older I have grown more cautious, more reluctant to break out or to do things differently. Life has been busy and I guess I don't have that much time to think about myself or question why I am the way I am.

Lucy came home from her Creative Dance class the other day and told me how her teacher had encouraged the class to take risks in their dancing, to be brave. To challenge themselves, to stretch a bit further, try new moves, to have faith in their bodies, in themselves. What great advice for young dancers, what great advice for us all.

Recently I made a choice which to most people would be a no brainer. An exciting option that wouldn't need much thought. But for me it's been a scary decision, although I'm thrilled to bits as well!

I like my home. I like things being safe and predictable. I'm not crazy about change and I have a bit (ok a lot) of an anxiety about travelling. I really hate to fly.  It just seems so wrong to be up there in the sky in a flying bus, hurtling through the air.
 And then there's the what ifs. What if something happens, to the kids, to Mark, to someone we love? Sometimes these kind of fears can be paralysing.

This anxious feeling has been holding me back from living, in a way. And so much of me is not that kind of person. I love to see different things, to experience other cultures, other places. So...I'm facing my fears, well some of them.  

Yep, this June our WHOLE family is flying to America!!  We're going to spend time with our American family, Mark's sister, husband and kids, wow!!

The kids will get to see where Mark grew up, double wow. They'll be able to see what a beautiful country America is, the Mississippi River, the magical countryside, the amazing city of Minneapolis, the kind and generous people, the sidewalks, the diners, their cousins, summer in Wisconsin..and..
 so will I!

It's been over ten years since we were there as a family. Mark, me, Char and Lucy. Lucy learned to walk in San Francisco. And now we're going back, our gang of seven.  Can you imagine how much fun we will have? Oh boy. And don't even start me of the photo's I'll get to take. Oh yeah..did someone mention Thrift Stores??

So yep, I"m feeling pretty happy this week. Not just because we are so lucky to be able to go on this trip but because I bit the bullet when I almost missed out. It would have been easy to say no, again, but this time I said YES! I'm still nervous about the flight, I'm still a bit anxious but I"m not letting it stop me. Dammit. I'm taking a leap Mel! And yes something might happen, but it could anyway. So look out USA, here we come!!

Have you got any exciting plans? Have you ever let your worries hold you back? Have a happy week lovely ones, 
see you soon xo

ps: you should most definitely pop over to Manda's blog and check out her gorgeous new colouring book and giveaway...go's so fab xo


teddybearswednesday said...

OH BECK HOW EXCITING!!! You will have a ball, and you know i can relate to alot of the post, i'm not a big risk taker in many ways, and am often full of what ifs, but believe me you will have a wonderful time!! Sure there might be some scary bits and not so good bits, but that's part of travelling especially with a family and those bits make a holiday as much as the wonderful super bits.
And you know most often the best things come when we are brave and take a leap! Bravo to you! and Im so excited for you!! xoxo

jennie said...

How exciting Beck!!!
I can relate to what you are saying here - I'm a bit of a worrier you see. But this trip will be soooo good. We stopped in the US for a week on the way from UK to NZ and loved it so much. And oh the thrift stores - take an empty suitcase!!XX

mel @ loved handmade said...

WOW Beck! That's such exciting news, good for you taking a leap & saying 'yes!'. It'll be amazing to share that experience as a family. I'm no risk taker, always playing it safe, rarely venturing out of my comfort zone. My mum always said when we were little, "if in doubt, do nothing" but I'm not so sure about that anymore, this may be a year of change..hooray for you!! X

hester said...

So exciting for you all, Beck. And very brave of you. Remember....on a plane is a VERY safe place to be and I'm sure you will have lots of marvellous adventures.

Star faerymother said...

Yes how exciting... First time commenting, It's our time to travel too, but to India an old stumping ground for us, Usually I am the first out the door bags packed, ticket in hand, but this time 2 kids in toe, I am not so brave, I have doubts and am evoking my courage now more than ever, It will be wonderful I am sure, life is short... one just has to do these things. Have fun

Claire said...

Hey Beck, with this attitude I am sure you will make the most of every minute of your wonderful...

So glad you are not going to let your fears hold you back. Life flies by all too quickly, we don't always get 2 bites at the cherry, so best to go for it when you can.

Claire :}

manda said...

So happy for you Beck...what great adventures you and your family are going to have :-) i look forward to your photos....and thanks so much for your kind are a sweet one :-) x o x

yardage girl said...

Such wonderful news, Beck ~ both the trip and you saying yes to it! Believe it or not, I had a terrible fear of flying ... obviously I have it under control now with all the flying we do, but I realised that the destination makes it worth it (and when it gets bumpy I tell myself I'm driving on a dirt road, and that flying is actually safer than driving!). I already can't wait to see your gorgeous pics!! Enjoy the exciting lead up! Nic xx

Suzanne Warren said...

How exciting Beck for you and your family! I can totally relate to your post too as I do the very same thing, but then sometimes wonder why I dont do it. Enjoy every minute, and yes an empty suitcase for all your treasures will be great.

Turquoise Gemma said...

wow!! Lucy told me that you were going to America, but she didnt mention how exciting it is going to be!! Good luck; send me a postcard!!

Jenny M said...

How special for your family to see where your husband grew up and to be able to make the connection with their cousins...such memories are worth the plane ride.

Evi said...

Oh my goodness, I could have written this post..... almost word for word! Same fears, particularly of flying and yes, I'm starting to realise that they are all holding me back from living fully.
We moved to Tassie 4 years ago and I've been too scared to fly to the mainland to visit family - so we drive. I might have to give this issue some serious thought now that I've seen it in print!
Thanks for your words.

Mary said...

How Great! So glad you decided to take the trip! Enjoy the mid-west and if you ever find your way to Philadelphia, drop me a note!

Enjoy your family!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Hooray and well done, you will have a great time :-)

flowerpress said...

so exciting, good on you for being brave!

Faeryfay said...

I totally understand your anxieties. I am the same. Your trip sounds amazing! You can do it!:-)

Jemm said...

Beck, you are going to have so much fun! We may be taking a trip up to Minnesota this summer to get away from the heat. Your photos have gotten so good you know.

Kate said...

This is just so brilliant Beck!!
What an adventure you'll have.
I'm thrilled for you all.

Steven said...

Beautiful! We can't wait, and I'm right there with you, as I get older I suffer more anxiety when traveling, but I promise, we will make it worth the trip.