Tuesday, February 21, 2012

things I'm loving right now

I'm really in love with this new bunny. I think it's her black cardi,

or maybe it's her little ric rac trimmed skirt. Although she will be in my shop shortly I would really like to keep her for myself.

Have you noticed I've changed the bunnies eyes recently? I've gone from plastic safety eyes to embroidering them myself. Not only is this more in keeping with the soft nature of my bunnies, it is also safer for babies. This means they can be a gift for a newborn with no safety issues. I'm avoiding buttons on cardi's too, for the same reason. Any thoughts on the 'eye change'? 


I'm also loving our back yard, with all it's quirky bits and ducks and fruit trees. The ducks were enjoying a bit of water sport today, they have a whirl pool going in their clam shell. So funny!

A bit of crazy swimming in circles and then woosh! out of the pool with wings aflapping..!


I loved going to see Jess's exhibition on Friday night with Charlotte. Jess's creatures looked so fabulous and I wasn't surprised to see so many red stickers. I tried to snaffle up a blue elephant but alas, he was already sold.

 It was great to see Jess, of course, and lots of other lovely people including Catherine & Jess's mum and dad and the Foxs Lane crew. And of course Tania and her beautiful boy, great to see you Tania!

It was so fun hanging out with Char on Friday night, of course I loved that. We did a bit of posing & people watching in the city and then headed to Brunswick St for some churros - yum!

I'm loving spending time with my other kids too, and watching them all grow up. They are all such interesting people and I love to see how their minds work, and what excites them. It's such a privilege to be a mum, although of course it's not always easy is it? But there are so many gorgeous moments that the tricky ones quickly fade away. Rosie was on her way to bed the other night when I took these photo's,

"Mum," she said, "the clouds are racing!"

I'm loving being involved in a local oral history group. Last week we talked to a really interesting woman who at one point owned a general store near our town (see above). I also spoke to an older lady who moved to Daylesford when she was five, she had so many fascinating stories. Both women were so inspiring. Everyone has a story don't they?

Finally I'm loving taking photo's, I just can't help it. It's such a joy, I love the way I can record a beautiful vision, a funny old letterbox, a smile, the sky, a moment. It really opens up my world and gives me so much pleasure. 

What are you loving lately? Go on..tell me!
see you soon xo

Grey skies over East Street


Catherine said...

That bunny is very cute, I would want to keep her for myself too;) I think the bunnies look lovely and natural with the hand stitched eyes. Beck your last photo is just amazing, the colours are beautiful. Love the new blog look too. x

Catherine said...

your bunnies are always so lovely, Beck(and I like their stitched eyes - it's great that they can be loved and hugged by all ages!)
It was so great seeing you at Jess's fabulous exhibition, too! Hope to see you again soon, Catherine x

Kate said...

Ha! I feel like I need to be called Catherine to comment.

I'm loving that black cardi'ed bunny too.
And I'm loving walking every night, the last bit of summer warmth, studying Jess's exhibition program, crochet, our kitchen garden...gosh so much to love right now...xx

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm loving all the gorgeousness over here as usual.
I'm also loving special friends that come all the way to Daylesford to Melbourne to show a friend their support and love and make feel said friend very special.
I'm also loving former friend who not only does the above but gives latter friends thing a plug.
yep I'm loving that friend xo

mel @ loved said...

your pictures are amazing Beck! I'd have loved to see Jess's exhibition, HOORAY for her, great to hear so many have sold. I LOVE you bunny & her black cardi, really gorgeous!

hester said...

Hi Beck. The bunnies look lovely with embroidered eyes. It's a great idea. And Rosie looks like such an angelic little being in those photos.

Jenny M said...

Love your bunny's outfit, love the photos of your ducks enjoying their 'pool' and LOVE your last photo, it's stunning.
I am loving that i can pick fresh cherry tomatoes from my vegie patch. And love that my 23 yr old son has just asked me to come and watch a 4WD dvd with him.