Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!
 What a bright and sunshiny day it is, a lovely way to start the week. After school drop off this morning I had a quick coffee with friends, which always kick starts my day in a positive way. I need that little boost before I get back home, a bit of catch up with some lovelies is always good.

Back home I've been getting on with things, ploughing through the list. Sounds a bit ominous doesn't it? But it isn't really, just lots of little things to catch up on and I was just thinking, as I hung out the washing, how lucky I am. The freedom to be out in the sunshine with the birdies tweeting, under the walnut tree watching my yellow roses grow over the chook pen. It's so pretty and fresh in our garden and it reminded me to today how much I love living where we do.

There's so much to enjoy about life in the country and such a beautiful time of year to be outside. 

Yesterday Rosie helped me take some photo's of a new little black bunny that will be in my shop shortly. She climbed the apple tree and then decided she'd snuggle up on a rug on the grass.

As I snapped away I realised she was asleep! She had a  lovely little cat nap under the apple tree, so peaceful. It's been a busy week going back to school and ballet and discovering netball! It was nice just to watch our little dynamo so relaxed and dreamy.

When she woke up we finished off her new bunny, Rose. Rose was a 'not quite right' bunny who has  been adopted by Rosie. She needed a top so we found some red alpaca offcuts and quickly sewed one up!  It's not perfect but it's rather sweet and only took me a few minutes. It's amazing what you can do when you don't plan!

How was your weekend? Our 's was full of making and dancing and food and cooking and eating! Mark has been having a little fruit festival of his own, picking black berries and plums like crazy. He made blackberry jam and then Kate's black berry and yoghurt cake.

The kids I and decided to make gnocchi which we all love, especially me. Sorry you missed out Char, if you are reading this...wish you had been here to eat some too!

Do you make gnocchi at home too? It's so easy and fun.
We started with 1.5 kilo's of Sebago potatoes which I boiled in their skins then put through a ricer. The kids love the way the little worms of potato come out. On a floured bench we rolled the potato into a big ball and made a well in the centre.  Rosie ran outside and crawled under the hedge to get us a fresh egg (thanks White Chook!) and we cracked that into the middle of the mountain of potato.

I just add flour as I go until the mixture is soft but not sticky. Then we rolled out little snakes and cut them into small pieces. The kids are so good at this bit and made the little pieces into acorn shaped balls.

I had a pot of boiling water on the go and a pan with sauce and olive oil in it. After dropping the gnocchi into the boiling water they rose quickly to the surface. I scooped them out, draining the water off, and popped them in a baking dish with some delicious garlic/tomato sauce. Sunday went next door and asked Alison for some of her home grown parsely, we grated parmesan and voila! Dinner, yum!

It's such a beautiful, tasty and filling dinner. And guess what? I've got some left over for lunch today! Woo hoo! If you haven't tried making gnocchi you really should, it's a lot of fun and so delicious.

Well I guess I better get on with my list... but hey, before I go! Do you like my new blog look? I'd love to hear what you think. Charlotte has been helping me, I think it looks nice and fresh, it feels good. 
My shop is next on the list!

Anyway lovely ones, hope you have a great week, 
see you soon xoxo


CurlyPops said...

Loving the new fresh look!

cathy@home said...

given me an idea for lunch.
I love living in the country just on my way to hang the bed clothes out ahh Spring is in the air.

teddybearswednesday said...

Loving the new look Beck ( might have to ask you how you made the pics bigger and all fancy)
Loving your new little bunnies, including or most especially Rose who seems perfect to me.
And yes growing up Gnocchi was a wonderful thing to make, it's one of the first things I learned to make foodwise. and so yummy and fresh tasting too.
Interesting though the recipe we always used had not egg just potato and water.
anyway always love popping into your place oxx

Steffi said...

Lovely photos of a great start into a new day and week!I love your sunny photos!

hester said...

I always think when I read your blog of what a wonderful childhood you have created for your brood. Your little girl looks beautiful napping under the tree and the bunny is beautiful too. (And dinner looks very tasty!)

mel @ loved said...

Beck I love your new look blog, lovely! Your baby girl sleeping there...Oh my goodness, divine!

flowerpress said...

new blog look is fabulous and dinner looks delicious!

Kate said...

And I just loved bumping into you having coffee with your girls just for a second. Was ace. And hooray for the cake baking husband!! Gotta love that.
Love the new blog look. Have a fab week. xx

Tania said...

I haven't made gnocchi in about 10 years. I really should, it's one of my favourites and always earns points with the hubby (being Italian). Yours looks sooo good! Loving your sweet little bunnies.