Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Creative Space

It's been a while since I played along with Our Creative Space, it's so nice to be back! As I sit here there is beautiful, heavy rain falling, after many hot days, what a fabulous sound. It's such a summer shower, big fat blobs crashing down on the roof. The ducks are in heaven.

Luckily I just managed to get all the washing in, including my newly finished rainbow doona cover. In the next week or so it will be in my new, updated shop. I do hope you'll pop in and check it out when it opens.

So I've been busy getting stock ready, I found these five little cardi's that my mum knitted last year. It's always fun to then match them with a bunny, or a cat, or a doll. I'm hoping to branch out a bit and have a bigger range of toys. I think part of my lethargy last year was due to feeling a bit tied in with bunny making. I felt a bit uninspired. But the new year has bought new energy! So I'm going for it folks, and enjoying every minute so far.

I heard yesterday that a certain person may be finishing up with her blog - something I considered too. Do you think there is an expiry date on blogs? Are you a long term blogger who feels a bit trapped or no longer interested? I wonder what keeps it fresh for you, is your blog your friend, your diary? 

I know a lot of people are now using Instagram to connect, record, communicate. (To find me just click the link on the right of this page, come and say hi!) Do you use Instagram too? I love it, I confess. But talking to Kate one day I also realised that as much as I enjoy Instagram, it's visual appeal really hooks me in, I also like to read, and write. Blogging is a great outlet in this way.

For me the vital ingredient is balance. Making time to blog should be a pleasure, not a chore. Visiting other blogs is fun but shouldn't be an obligation. Having a busy life with kids and school and Mark and all the activities I'm involved with I guess I find blogging and Instagram and nice place for me. Me time!

But I don't want to be trapped by internet connections, nice pun there, so I'm trying to limit myself a bit.
After all, real life is what it's all about. Face to face, coffee to coffee, (now I'm channelling David Bowie  ..Ashes to ashes..)
..anyway, you know what I mean!

Do you find it hard to get the balance right? For me it seems to be an ongoing thing. Working from home, making that a priority on certain days, having time for my kids, my health, my hubby, my friends,
community things,'s not easy is it? But I guess it's a joyous thing too, imagine being bored!

 I'd much rather have a full life, a creative life, a fun & loving life, that is a bit haphazard and messy but full of interest and people and laughs. 
And yes, my house is totally messy.

What's happening in your creative space? Are you making some time for it? Hope so,
see you soon lovely ones xo


cathy@home said...
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cathy@home said...

I guess I both use my blog as a diary but also to keep in contact with friends and family that are scattered around the globe.

mel @ loved said...

There have been times
when the blog becomes all to hard, but I do like to use it as a record of milestones, often a record of daily insignificant bits & pieces that are nice to remember & hold onto. I'm trying not to feel the pressure of replying to everyone, as much as I'd love to, I just need to prioritize my time. Loving your pictures Beck, & your blog is so fresh! X

Sally said...

I have questioned why I blog this week too. I did a brainstorm of the reasons I blog on Sunday - I published it to my blog if you're interested. I think I am still digesting my reasons and motivations but having reviewed some of the reasons the process of blogging is feeling fresher for me. I'm all re-inspired.
I don't have an iphone or an ipod so I can't access instagram. Sometimes I feel a little bit excluded because it is clearly the going craze for now, but everything has a silve lining... I'm up on hours to create ;)

Sally said...

Ooops... I forgot to add that I adore that last photo you published in your post too. Brilliant.

Seaweed and Raine said...

Your doona cover is GORGEOUS!!! It completely got my attention.
I hear you with the blogging thing. I find that I take breaks. I took a pretty long one at the end of last year. Between pregnancy nausea, the kids, birthday parties, Christmas prep, and life in general, blogging took a total back seat. For me there are those times when I love to share, and other's when I just couldn't be bothered - too many other things that take precedence. When there's something that excites me, it's more likely to make me want to share it. :)
That last photo makes me want to take a deep breath - storms make me feel alive! :)

Jane said...

Beck, I've only been blogging - and following your lovely space - a relatively short time. And your blog is a real favourite, a gentle, sweet sunshiny place. I really hope you keep going.

Sometimes I feel like I've come late to the bloggy party and everyone's starting to go home. But I remind myself that's not really why I started. Which was mostly as a journal, and also a way to better connect with the online sewing/crafting community I was absorbed in reading.

To me, blogs seem to be the reflective and edited version of the twitter/instagram universe... not that I know a lot about either of those. But my impression is that it's a lot of 'I'm at the park' whereas blogging is more 'the highlight of this week was that we took a trip to the park and saw this lovely thing and thought about this and that'.

Of course if blogging ever felt a burden to me, I'd stop. I might get bored of it in a while. Who knows? I'm just having fun right now :)

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deux chiens et un garcon said...

i love your new blog makeover Beck.
i blog with and ebb and flow. but that is ok.
i dont have an i phone either, so instagam is a a mystery to me.

can't wait to see your shop.

ps the word verification thing is getting a bit too hard to do.

hester said...

I definitely struggle sometimes to find the time and motivation to post on my blog but always love to visit my favourite bloggers to see what gems they have to offer. I hate the thought of boring my small band of bloggy friends, but ultimately, I blog to keep a record of our family's life for the future and to connect with lovely people. I have so many friends who are big Facebookers but think the blogosphere is a much calmer, more personal and magical space to hang out in.