Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home day

Ok so I'm in de-cluttering mode and it's kind of a case of one step forward, two steps back.Yesterday I unearthed my rather large snow dome collection, thinking that I would
clean them up and sell them on ebay.
Guess what?

It didn't happen. When I got all 40 plus of them out of the dusty old box they brought back so many happy memories, and besides that I just love them! Is this crazy? I don't have room to display them really, and they could be loved by someone else. Anyway, they went back in the box to be dealt with another day. Have you got a collection hidden away somewhere? Could you let it go?

I'm sure most people who are in decluttering mode don't even THINK about going into an op shop unless they are donating. I have no excuses, I'm obviously a lost cause. But hey! I found this lovely navy lacy ribbony skein of prettiness that will be great for the girls to wear in their hair to school!

And this rather sweet size 6 Sportsgirl blazer for Lucy, who is finding it hard to find clothes that she likes lately. Being a bigger 10 year old can be tricky. She isn't really into 'younger' girls clothes anymore and doesn't quite fit into teen clothes yet. 

Today I'm having a home day. A pottering around catching up on things kind of day. 

Earlier I scooted around roosters, random chooks,

 & the odd, extremely helpful cocker spaniel to collect quinces to  make jelly.

Quince jelly is the most delicious thing to have on toast on a cold winters morning. Mmmmm. Quinces are so old fashioned and magical. From this funny looking fruit that smells like autumn comes such gorgeous amber coloured sweetness.

I've been outside checking on the ducklings too, who are learning to swim. Unfortunately we lost one yesterday as it couldn't get out of the pool. So sad.  I think it was the one who was born with a wonky leg, which is even sadder as it kept up so well with the others and had such spirit. Goodbye darling ducky.

Speaking of spirit I'm constantly amazed lately at my little prep girl. She is so happy at the moment, so full of life and excitement & fun. She is the Cartwheel Queen, the singer of songs, a shopkeeper, cuddler supreme and the happiest girl in the world on Icy Pole Day. She is learning to read, to do handstands and ride her bike. What a wonderful age 5 is, so many things to discover and with such delight. Yes, she still can be cranky at times, and quite loud about it, but less these days.

Tomorrow is a curriculam day at school so we will all be home which will be fun. I can finish my jelly and hopefully work on Sunday's quilt. What are you up to? Hope it's a lovely day wherever you are, see you soon xo


Megan said...

my favourite days are pottering around the house 'home days', looks like you are having a lovely day :)

Vic said...

Decluttering a little here today too (lovely day here as well, hooray!), went through Punk's toys & books, found all these books I had been "collecting" well before any kiddos were on the scene; vintage muppets, alf, ghostbusters... They're not going anywhere either! I love your snowglobes, keep, keep! ;)

Jennie said...

wow - what a collection you have -

That jacket is perfect - i really love the collar. That inbetween age is really hard - we have the same for the 9 1/2 yr old. Oh I wish I could sew clothes!XX

cumquats said...

Thank you a lovely blog of hair ribbons, chooks and quinces. It brought back a lot of happy memories when my children we little. :-)

Kate said...

Oh Beck, I love that even though you are my friend in real life I still learn so much about you from reading here too. A snow globe collection...who knew?? And don't ever stop opshopping, I love that treasure hunting part of you. I just got your text, I'm calling you now. XX

teddybearswednesday said...

OH Beck, i'm so sorry to hear about Old Wonky Leg. how so sad, may he rest in peace.
I love that you have a snow globe collection and am relieved you kept them. they might be upset you know.
And I agree with kate, don't ever stop opshopping, it's a gift girl and well there's so many worse thing you could be addicted too.

CurlyPops said...

There's no way that I could get rid of that collection. It's a keeper!

Catherine said...

ah, I can relate - my decluttering almost always ends up with me looking at and reminiscing about treasures, and putting them back in the house instead of the op shop bag... and then when I do drop off the bag to the op shop, I somehow end up going inside for a look... love your snow globe collection! x

Jemm said...

I'm a lost cause too Beck! I'm always trying to declutter, yet I went to an auction this past weekend.

Your duckies are so cute. So sorry about losing one.

Steven said...

Fantastic! Your blog gets us through the long winter here! What an inspiration, we'll reciprocate with pictures as we move into Spring and you into Fall.

aracne said...

I have about 20 powder-cases, so pretty to see and so pleasant to touch...they do not have any other use, really, but I can not convince myself to get rid of them...
Quince jelly, I agree: it is old fashioned but exquisite. And the color! I would make some just for the color.