Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy, smiley

I took some happy, smily girls out to see Norm the Chook Man on Monday. We had a long weekend and all enjoyed the break from school & routine so it was a good time to visit Norm and see what he had in the way of Silkies. When we got there, after driving through the beautiful rolling hills of Shepherds Flat & Clydesdale,

we found he only had two options for us. There was a big group of rather nice Silkies but they were ALL the same colour, not so exciting for the kids, OR a mother chook and four little chickies. Can you work out what we decided to come home with?

You guessed right!! Meet Honey and one of her babies, Lemonade (#2). She is a lovely chook and so good natured. Sadly one of the day old chicks died but there are three left and all are adorable. 

This one is Billy's, he has called her Sugar. What a sweet name! The other little sweetie is the same colour as Mumma, not sure who has claimed her or what her name is, could be Popcorn or Cupcake! Anyway, we've moved Veronica/Renaldo & Smokey out to the big chook pen in the back yard and Lollypop has stayed with the new family in the front. No more early cock-a-doodling!

More smiles at Sports Day yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day and the kids all had fun and did well. We have quite a few new families at school too and it was so lovely to see them all getting into the spirit of it. I love Sports Day, which is strange really as I wasn't very sporty at school! I guess I really like the community aspect and that we are all outside being active and socialising. I love to see all the kids having a go and being encouraged, even if they aren't winning.  As for the parent's race, I chickened out this year...maybe next year?

Of course it doesn't matter who wins but the kids were pretty happy that their House came first! 

And Sunday couldn't stop smiling all day.  She really enjoyed herself and loves to be involved.
It was a really great day but I was exhausted at the end. Handing out the ribbons is a pretty demanding job!! 

Back at Dandelion HQ I've been working on a new bunny. After seeing Jess last week I was inspired to make a bunny without clothes, a bunny for little ones. No buttons or safety eyes, nice and safe for a newborn. So far I'm liking the new bunny but I do have an urge to put a cardigan on her. What if she gets cold?  I'll have to loosen up and try and go with the nude bunny! I'll show you more tomorrow.

Speaking of bunnies, I'm finally getting my act together and am restocking the shop!! Do pop in and say hi to Clementine, she is waiting patiently for cuddles.
I'll be putting more bunnies in over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out and don't forget I do take custom orders too.
Hope you are having a happy, smily Wednesday,
see you soon xo


Sue said...

Beck your new family of silkies look wonderful. Sugar is a very sweet one and I love her color. I never did sports at school really either but I love going to watch Isabelle at all her sports day, such a great day meeting new kids and parents and watching them do their best. I am sure your little bunnies will eventually have clothes, maybe you could add a little wardrobe for an update later on when the babies get a bit older!

teddybearswednesday said...

My God how cute is little Sugar!!
But I want to see the nudie bunny!!!
Since she's made out of alpaca I'm sure she won't be too chilled. that said I'm loving the sweet bunny in your pick there.