Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today I am grateful for a day on my own. For looking for treasure at the church jumble sale and finding a good friend. For leaving the country and heading to the city for a day of adventure & fun.

Today I'm thinking about meeting up with gorgeous Jess at a snazzy little cafe for coffee & tea and some time together.  (You can also find Jess & her amazing creations at Craft Hatch at the State Library, Melbourne today from 10 - 4)

It was so lovely to meet the charismatic Victor and know that he is my forever penguin. Thanks Jess!

Today I'm grateful for my sudden decision to stop at the beach,

where I watched boats float by, smelt the ocean, saw sea birds soaring,

swished my feet in the swirling water and smiled, and smiled and smiled. What a beautiful day I had.

Victor was pretty happy too.

Today I am grateful for a jangle of new beads,

for dinner with my grown up girl who is living her life in the biggest & best way.  My girl who I adore and love, and am letting go of, who will always have a special piece of my heart.

Today I am grateful for my friends who I love and admire, for my family who make this world sparkle & shine, for the chance to step outside my zone, for old china & linen from days gone by, for all the moments that make up my day. In a world that is so unpredictable and often challenging I'm so conscious lately of the importance of love, of laughter,  of trying to live honestly, of connections with others, making the most of every minute.

What are you grateful for today? 
Hope you have much to be happy about too, see you soon xo


Alice Becomes said...

love the pictures and ADORE your little penguin sweet

Great grateful list - how good are impulsive stops at the beach? enjoy your weekend- it sounds very nice

Gill xo

Sarah said...

This was like reading a picture book story and I'm a big fan of those. So many lovely things to be grateful for. Lovely list.

flowerpress said...

Grateful for you lovely posts that always make me smile :-)

sweet emmelie said...

love the necklace, what lovely shades of purple. that would be a conversation peice! sorry long time ne comment but I'm getting back on track. take care becks xxx

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Beck, what a beautiful post.
Today I'm feeling so grateful to you and to my lovely friends. Friends who help out and show up and friends that you can talk with honestly, not just the good stuff.
Friends who get me, and it's easy with. Who message me when I need it.
I'm also incredibly grateful that Victor is in the best home ever.
Love seeing him at the beach. It's sort of weird it's his first beach adventure , even though he's a penguin.
thanks for making me day xo

Kate said...

Wow! Now I totally wish I hadn't waved goodbye to you but instead hopped in your car and joined you on your road trip. Sure it wouldn't have been as relaxing and restful for you but it sounds like you had the best day. I LOVED catching up yesterday. We must do it more often. XX

Maxabella said...

Beck, your post is just brimming over with goodness! Loved it all. That pic of the boat is an especially good one to me.

I am craving a day of 'nothingness' all to myself. To ramble and discover. Maybe soon... x

Tammi said...

I am often drawn to the beach when I get a moment alone time...the sights, smells, textures and easy to lose oneself in the moment and leave all worries behind.

Jemm said...

Lovely photos Beck!! You've really come along in the photo department :) I am thankful for my kids and my husband today. And for the sunshine.

Kim H said...

Oh my goodness! What a lovely, lovely blog you have. You also have a new follower:) I'm so glad I played along with Maxabella for lots of reasons, one especially, because I found your gorgeous blog. I'll be back! xx
PS I love the way you do your Gratefuls. So heartfelt and lovely.

Catherine said...

Thank you Beck, for another post full of loveliness (and it was nice to see Victor at the beach too!)

hester said...

What a wonderful day. You really know how to get the most out of life, Beck. You really inspire me. Particularly gorgeous photos too.