Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh baby, baby it's a wild world...

Wow, what a weekend we have had. The rain continued to fall last night and I hardly slept a wink as the wind was so strong it felt like the house would blow away.

Late yesterday I went for a drive to break the day up a bit and to check on the houses & farms of our friends who are away. I also headed down to the spot where two creeks meet, not far from home. Can you see the bridge in all that water?

The dogs weren't sure about going for a swim at Twin Bridges, much to my relief. I didn't feel like jumping in and also didn't want them swirling down to the Blowhole!

Back at home it was time for some comfort food. When I started the gnocchi I didn't realise the power would be out for..hours!

But it was kind of fun making it by candle light. And amazingly it was the softest, most delicious gnocchi ever. The power shortage lasted most of the night and then all day today. This meant no electricity, no heating, no hot water. We made do pretty well as we have a gas stove top so we could still have cups of tea, phew. The kids played 'olden days' outside and it seriously felt like olden days, folks. I was pretty happy when the power came back on this afternoon.

These three were pretty happy too, snuggled up watching Ghost Busters.

Not much time for crafting this weekend. I didn't miss it actually, being pretty preoccupied with other things, but I'll be back on track tomorrow and adding to the shop.

The rain hasn't seemed to bother these local ducks who appeared next door today.

And Henrietta & her friends have been partying hard in the garden, finding all manner of worms, snails and exciting morsels.

These kangaroos looked a bit uncertain about the creek,
bushfires, floods, what next?

Some creatures aren't too fussed by extreme weather though.
What's all the fuss about? It's nice and warm hanging out where the dogs sleep. Straw? Who needs it? Ponds? They're for the birds.
(Does anyone have Dr Harry's phone number?)
Have a happy week
lovely friends,
see you soon xo


Miss Muggins said...

wow what an adventure. Makes you realise how much we take modern day conveniences for granted. Poor Freddie, he seems to have resigned himself to staying by the window, watching!

Cherie said...

Yikes Beck thinking of you and your Darlings - stay warm and safe - please no trying to rescue little cuddlesome feathered creatures ... hope the weather settles soon. Huge Hugs. xo

crafts@home said...

Gosh, I think I'd be really frightened by all of this, hope things get better very soon.

Debbie said...



dash robin said...

Hasn't nature been a drama queen the past few days-earthquakes, floods, I am just waiting for locusts ;0)
glad to know you're all safe and sound with bellies full of delicious sounding gnocchi.
I love the photos of your feathered friends- your chooks black and white stripes are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your all ok! I too was relieved when you said the dogs werent going swimming in the creek lol

Thimble Fingers said...

What a terrible time Victoria has had - such dramatic weather patterns. Hope you'll all be okay and don't suffer any damage.
We could do with some of your rain over our way (Perth).

Vic said...

It WAS wild weather on the weekend - I stuck into bed with Le Punk on Saturday night (isn't it supposed to be the other way around...?!) because the wind in our room was too noisy & there was a persistant drip, drip, dripping from somewhere in the loft that The Boy had failed to investigate from the last time it was drip, drip dripping.

It was quieter in with her but the WALL MOVED when there was a particularly strong wind gust... eek!

Linda said...

Wonderful post...such lovely photos...glad everything is ok!

manda said...

oh my goodness Beck! the water ! i hope your family and home is warm and safe, love manda x

Elisabeth said...

Hello there, it make me feel like home! lol :-) I hope for you that it soon will stop raining. Have a real nice (and dry) week to you too!