Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ups & downs in Melbourne Town

This replica of an old photo set from Luna Park is part of the Marvellous Melbourne exhibit at the wonderful Melbourne Museum. We have just come back from a family holiday in the city & we all loved the museum, it is chock a block full of fantastic things to see, touch & experience.

Well it rained & rained while we were away but that didn't stop us having fun. Some highlights were the Little Creatures Dining Hall where Rosie entertained the public with lengthy displays of ballet, much to the embarrassment of some of her siblings. The museum of course was amazing, here is Mark with Pharlap,

Other highlights were the Melbourne Aquarium, Brunswick St, playgrounds, movies and just hanging out together. Lucy & Sunday would probably add the Diva shop at Melbourne Central where we were all blown away by the vast array of colourful bangles, rings, necklaces & sparkling treasures. Wow.

I would be lying if I said it was all fun because IT WASN'T!!! There was tension, grumpiness, tears & stress. Is this part of a normal family holiday?? Who knows. Probably. Seven people in a confined space = potential nightmare. Anyway we soldiered on.
We had a memorable dinner at the Ikea restaurant where we experienced carrot throwing, water tossing & floor hugging (whilst screaming). And no, it wasn't me. As the whole restaurant of people helpfully turned to witness & stare in amazement, I waved bravely.

Of course a major highlight was catching up with my mum who was just back from Santa Fe. Here she is sporting her newest creation, a beautiful blue cardigan. Isn't it fantastic?

On Friday, after a lovely cuppa with Sarah, I visited one of my favourite opshops where I have been going for over twenty years, in Napier St, Fitzroy. There I discovered a huge, delicious mound of colourful knitted blankets and I think for a moment there I was truly in heaven. Apparantly they were made for the bushfire victims and there were just too many of them to give out. I was so happy to give these four a home. I really appreciate the skill, love & care that went into the making of these gorgeous blankets.

It was funny being in the area where I grew up. At first I found it unsettling & it made me a bit sad. Alot has changed and I kind of missed the Fitzroy of old. Empty shops, green trams, fruit & vegie shops, people I knew. But change happens doesn't it? And the past is the past.

I liked seeing my favourite old building, the Fitzroy Townhall from our apartment. As kids we lived one block from the townhall and I would often sit looking at it out my window, dreaming of faraway places. On a summer night the air was filled with the smell of jasmine, of sirens & people coming out of the local pub. It was, and still is, a colourful place to live.

It was good to get back home today. It's cold and wet outside but it's good to be back. How are your holidays going? Hope you are having fun xoxo
ps. do you like the little lavender bag I picked up in the city? It smells wonderful and gives me little blasts of happiness!


Tania said...

Floor hugging, huh? We've been having wall to wall, (or skirting board to skirting board) floor hugging around here - and that is me. Something tells me a holiday in Daylesford would have been just the ticket (far less likely to be recognised while doing floor hugging thing).

Home Girl said...

hello so glad to discover your blog. am completely facinated by and in awe of you having had FIVE children wowzers! keep imagining this 3rd one is on a mission to break me and it isn't even out yet. looks like you might have spaced yours out a little more but still 5 my god (i can barely cope with two). also find it very interesting that u were formerly a girl from round my hood and have gone bush. your blog certainly paints a very tempting idyllic pic of the countryside. love your chooks and love the beautiful recycled creatures you make. all v inspiring, will be back for sure xx claerwen oh and 'sunday' was tagged as my name for my daughter - looks like i wont be needing it though!

stinaz81 said...

wow, I love the blankets you got from the op shop! Isn't it great to get good bargains and they are way cooler than the ones you buy in "real" shops :) I like your blog if you don't mind I might follow :)

Leanne said...

Sounds like a prefectly normal family holiday to me...good to see you finding the funny side! Sounds like you had a great time...and your Mum...what a colourful lady! Love the jumper!

Jemm said...

What a fun looking trip you had! I love the blankets and your mom looks fun. Cute lavender pillow too.

babalisme said...

What a great, honest story, a trip with children doesn't always a happy one through and through, I'm desperate reading other blogs that posted about picnic with a baby and a toddler that is sooo happy and cheery..anyway, the point is everyone is having fun.. And your mom?! She looks so young and vibrant!

Ali said...

Hi Beck
Thought I'd say hello, the Melbourne Museum is just great isn't it. Sage regrets that we didn't get around to going there one more time before we left Australia.....I tell him, like everything else it will be there when we get back....And yes the floor hugging sounds familiar although around here it;s more tatami hugging and with these paper walls, if someone has a tanti all the neighbours know about it too.Well let it roll, it"s just life...Love Ali