Thursday, January 19, 2012

summer loving

I'm loving summer. I love the smell of summer, the raspberries and cream taste of summer. The birds in the blue sky sound of summer. the slightly sunburnt, way too tired feel of summer, after a day at the beach.

I've loved having a couple of days in Melbourne with my two youngest girls and my eldest. I loved watching the girls play, together, running in the wind, holding hands, swinging, climbing high. I love the way they try to work things out, the simple joy of watching them having fun is so beautiful.

We had a crazy old, funny time at the beach. For my country girls it's such a huge adventure. One a little nervous but her sister helped her to find the courage to step in, go deeper.

I found a beat up old chair and plonked it in the sand next to an extremely tanned exotic dancer. She was amazing in her red bikini on a striped banana lounge. The girls skipped over waves, splashed, looked for shells, watching the beach police driving up and down, the groups of families, the gulls and the ships dotted on the horizon. They were amazed at the rubbish in the water and helped to drag a whole newspaper out. Eventually we had to go, we left the chair for someone else.

We got to do city things too. The Muppet movie was incredibly great! I loved it and so did they. We did a little bit of shopping and Rosie practised her escalator skills. They negotiated crowds, learning to walk so as not to bump into people, a tricky thing if you are never in a crowd.

We stared up at the roof of Melbourne Central with it's beautiful old shot tower, gracefully still standing amongst the endless shops and bustling throng.

We spent time with our beloved Char. When the girls were in bed she & I became detectives and hunted down lost family on

 So much fun, so addictive, so amazing. We found the ancestors of  dear William Henry Walker who died in a gold mine.  His grandfather, his brother, our relatives, our blood. Char found the shipping information for my parents trip to England in 1960 - their names crossed out as they jumped ship in Marseilles, hoping to hitch hike to London.

We went out for dinner, walking the hot & steamy  footpaths of Lygon Street where I had flashbacks from the 70's. There once was a pub on the corner of Lygon and Faraday and I went there often as a child, with my friend and her mum. Us kids looked for lost coins on the sticky carpet under the bar, and ate peanuts from a machine. All to the sounds of Skyhooks and The Stones and Bob Dylan on the jukebox.  It was such a different time, we did as we pleased really, as the adults drank and smoked and partied on. Hard to imagine now. What was that pub called?

I took the kids to  Ikea where we looked in all the rooms, picking our favourites and sitting on couches not wanting to ever get up.  I wonder if anyone has ever crawled into one of the beds for a nap and stayed the night. Imagine that.

We managed to sneak in a bit of op shopping too. The amazing oppie in Woodend had a half price sale, woo hoo! And a trip to Savers is always fun. We tried on dresses and skirts and found some ace treasures. 

We're home now and our summer holiday continues. I'm loving the looseness of time, the sleep ins and the freeness to do as we please. Although it was fun to be at school today for a working bee, nice to see old mates and give the grounds a tidy up.

What's happening in your world? Are you finding some simple things to make you smile? Hope so,
see you soon lovely ones xo

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GourmetGirlfriend said...

smiling peacefully as I read through this lovely post.

Selina said...

I'm loving on the sleep ins, but so fond of the kids' late nights. x

Tania said...

Great summery post you Dandelion Lady, you!

(I'd happily swap my kids' escalator skills for your Rosie's country-kid skills, any day of the year).

Copper Patch said...

Ahh it all sounds wonderful Beck. I love the way you look at and appreciate life. Sorry it's been so long,
Ab xx

mel @ loved said...

I loved reading about your summer so far, sounds like you're all having a really wonderful time. I love your ancestor story, how fascinating. Enjoying the looseness of time too, heavenly, lots of beach days & hanging about home days..x

Allison said...

Sigh, you have such nice blog posts.

Kate said...

Instagram is great and all but you write days and times and seasons and life so well. I can feel it. Beautiful! xx

Squirrelhaus said...

Seeing you enjoy summer really gets me anxious for mine!!! Great post!!
Chris :o)

Anonymous said...

Hah! Just happened upon your blog (via Kate at Foxs Lane), and I can actually help you.

I too was at The Albion. For me, as a Univ. student in the early 1980s. Memories.

Anonymous said...

I've even found a photo for you...

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