Thursday, January 5, 2012

summer holidays..


Happy New Year!! Did you have a fun New Years Eve? We did, although I was sorry to miss the annual Daylesford Gala Parade this year. Our neighbour and friend, Ruby, looked so fabulous and I wanted to see her and all the other amazing people who were taking part. Oh well, there's always next year..

We had a fun time at a friends house anyway, although I was in bed before the new year began. Were you? I lay in bed and listened to the fireworks exploding over the lake, bang bang bang!

The next day was a biggie for me so I got up early and headed off with Lucy to Glenlyon. Our little school runs the BBQ and kiosk at a big, old fashioned sports day that runs on the first day of the new year.

 It's been running since 1847 and each New Years Day they put on horse races, wood chopping, mineral water drinking and gumboot throwing competitions, amongst other things. It's a great day and we have a lot of fun. I love it!

It's a real family day, lots of kids running around, watching the comps from the red truck, and many visitors from all over the state coming to enjoy a day in the country. It was a hot one too, so we did a roaring trade in icy poles and cold drinks.

So it's day four of 2012, how is the new year shaping up for you? We've had a shaky start with a bit of illness, never fun in summer. And in two days we are heading off to Robe in South Australia...I hope everyone is well for the trip.

A group of friends are setting up camp in Robe so we are looking forward to hanging out together, walking on the beach, eating, drinking, chatting, and hopefully RELAXING!

I can't wait to get to the beach, I'm craving some sand and sea and shell action. Do you get like that? I think it's the thought of a change of pace too, a different scene. When we lived in the city I loved heading up to the bush to get away from the hustle and bustle. I guess we all like a change, it clears the air, brings a new perspective, I love that.

Although I'm enjoying the holidays I haven't really settled into them yet. I haven't found my holiday feet.
Hopefully this trip will be a fun one, perhaps it's just what I need.

I'll miss our doggies who are going to the dog motel for a week, and all the ducks and other creatures. Mumma duck is back on duty, sitting on five white eggs which will hatch out in about 20 days! More baby ducks..sigh.. :)

So, one more day and we're on the road! Charlotte is coming too, the whole family together again. I'm sure we'll have some fun, some crazy moments, some tears and lots of laughs. Maybe that's what the summer holidays are all about, going with the flow, ups and downs and hanging together.

What are you up to? Are you on holidays too? 
Hope you are having some relaxing time too..see you soon lovely friends xo


Floss said...

Happy New Year, Beck! I see your summer New Year's Day events are much more community-based than ours, over here in the cold. It all looks fantastic! Enjoy your holiday - I can really appreciate your need to see the sea and sand and shells! And to feel them too, and hear them...sigh... I think you're all going to have a wondeful time!

Jane said...

Happy new year, and safe travels to Robe and back. I love the piccie of you in the canteen, looks like the bloke behind you is checking you out! What a marvellous tradition for Glenlyon and good on you for being part of it. Yes, i love the change of scenery and going to the beach is my place, taking slow deep breaths! i'm not a surf swimmer, but could walk for hours along the beach and collect shells and other interesting bits and pieces. hope you bring home lots of happy memories! Jane x

m.e (Cathie) said...

happy new year gorgeous family!
love all the summer pics Beck and more ducks..yay!
hope 2012 is absolutely fabulous for you all ♥

Maxabella said...

Happy new year, Beck. Summer hols are really all about going with the flow and going to that lovely little fair. It sounds absolutely perfect. Wood chop? I'm there!!! x

Sally said...

Wishing you and your mob a wonderful 2012... hope you're all fit and healthy for the next part of your summer holidaying. Enjoy!

Maria Rose said...

Happy New Year. Like you I was in bed before midnight.

Jenny M said...

Enjoy your holiday to the beach. I love this time of year...time to slow down & smell the roses, it's like someone has slowed down the clock.

manda said...

Happy New Year Beck ...your photos are really beautiful.. i think ive told you that capture magic ..thats a special talent you have :-) enjoy Robe, Ive heard its a lovely seaside village..we are off to Tasmania soon..can't wait! x