Friday, July 30, 2010


Yesterday we woke to a heavy fog, a thick cloud of mist that covered the whole town in a soft blanket of cloud.

Everything became muted and quiet.

The lake was other worldly, the only movement were ducks floating, gliding through the mist.
I could have stayed at the lake forever but I had to fly, I had an important date in Melbourne with Charlotte!

I met her at school where I also got to meet her dear Enid. I have to say Enid was even more adorable in real life, she is my kind of lamb. Have you visited Jess's blog lately? She has some lovely things for sale in her shop too.

Although we were overdue for some time together our mission was really to buy a dress for Charlotte to wear to her school formal. She had something in mind, a flowing, almost Grecian style dress which she thought would be hard to find.

We found it! It was the first dress she saw and she looks like an angel in it. Yay!

Another wonderful part of yesterday's trip was visiting my mum who I haven't seen since she returned from the US. Mum has been sick which is hard as she is in Melbourne and I am in Daylesford, so I feel a bit useless. I wish I was nearer to her so I could look after her at times like this. But anyway we had a fun time together and look what she has been making!! I was so excited to see these gorgeous cardi's. Can't wait to make some bunnies to match these gelati colours. Thanks Mum!

After dinner I drove home and am pretty weary today having also been in to Ballarat...lots of driving. This is our little house that I love to come home to. Every year since we have lived in Daylesford I have been meaning to plant some trees on our nature strip (probably highly illegal). Ok, I finally did it! Yes, above you will see, if you look very carefully, two apple trees, and I'm so excited about them! They probably don't look to exciting right now but wait till they grow up a bit and provide us with delicious apples!

We have two great old apple trees in the back yard but the space out the front seemed to be begging for some fruit action of it's own. I planted one Pink Lady & one Fuji, and now I'm wondering if I should also put in a grafted tree and have three in row. I love the idea of having a mini orchard out the front.

On the home front we have Rosie's party on the weekend with her actual birthday on Tuesday. I have just picked her up early from kinder as she is feeling unwell so fingers crossed she will be ok for her party. There has been a lot of gastro going around...bit of a worry.

What are you up to on the weekend? Hope you have a happy one with the ones you love.
See you soon xo


Kali said...

Love the pictures of everything shrouded in mist.
You have been very busy, especially with all your driving...Charlotte looks very beautiful in her school formal gown and those little cardies are too sweet.
I hope your Mum is feeling better with each coming day and that Rosie is better for her party.
Your home is darling and those apple trees growing on the road verge will be so delightful when they are in fruit.
Enjoy your weekend dear Beck xo, Kali
p.s. I've nothing planned for this weekend...some work in my studio and just going with the flow...though the washing machine has just started to play up and I'd hate to dread what I will do if that's packed it in!

Allana said...

Those foggy pictures are wonderful - how magical! I love the dress - perfect!!
The little cardigans are divine, I hope your Mum is back on her feet soon.

Kim and Ro said...

Stunning photo!!!!!!!!!


Loz and Dinny said...

Wow! Stunning dress!! and the pictures of the fog are amazingly beautiful! I think the fruit trees on the verge are inspired ... I bet you can't wait for your first apple!!

Amanda said...

Gorgeous gorgeous pics Beck!! I love photos that have high contrast.

Elisabeth said...

Your foggy photos are magic, and your dougther is wonderful in that dress. She realy does look like an angel. Your mum had done a good work whit all those small cardigans. Good for you :-)

happy gas said...

fruit tree planting is on my agenda for this weekend! I too have been contemplating all the potential growing space on our front lawn. i think its a great idea.

Sue said...

Charlotte looks beautiful in her dress, such a lovely style too. Your foggy pictures look beautiful, you could make postcards out of them. I do hope Rosie feels better soon for her party and that your mum gets better too. So many different germs going around lately. Your mum has been super busy knitting all those wonderful colored cardis!

Renee said...

wow! beautiful foggy photos!

Dandelion Wishes said...

What great photos of Daylesford. And that dress on Charlotte was so beautiful! I trust you mum is feeling a bit better- at least the weather in Melbourne today wasn't quite so cold. Have a relaxing weekend!

Screamstress said...

Lovely photos, we get that quiet fog here too, very melancholy and a little 'Sleepy Hollow'. You must be so proud of your beautiful daughter, and the dress is just perfect!

Caroline said...

Beautiful photos, and you also always tell such a lovely story with your pictures. It was foggy in Brisbane this morning, but nothing like that! Fog here is very rare. (in love with your rainbow snake too btw!)

manda said...

oh your charlotte truly does look like an angel :-)

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

Beck ! these pictures made me catch my breath - they are so simple , so gorgeous. I do hope Rosie feels better very soon and that she has a wonderful party.
Your daughter looks absolutely stunning - the dress is perfect. You are a seriously fabulous mother/daughter/friend - you give tirelessly. See you soon. Peta xo

Violet and Rose said...

They are the most wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing them.

Good luck with the party and I hope the birthday girl comes good.

teddybearswednesday said...

what beautiful photos. Charlotte does look like an angel. I do hope your mum is feeling better soon, it's horrible when a parent is sick, it doesn't feel right somehow.
THank you for your gorgeous and kind push for me and Enid, she certainly looks happier than the last time I saw her.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend Beck, and good luck with the party. xo

Maria Rose said...

Those photos are amazing!

This weekend I am on the road, visiting family. I hope to get a haircut as well.

Selina said...

That dress is beautiful on her! Love the new cardies, I can't wait to see how you match them up. Very spring-ish!

sandra said...

the photos are beautiful!. BUT the dress is even more beautiful, just perfect.
AND the little cardi's are pretty good too!

byebyebirdie said...

great photos! Charlotte is a very lucky girl to have found exactly what she wanted. Isn't it just wonderful when things just seem to fall into place? She looks lovely and what a divine dress!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

MomAgain@40 said...

Beautiful misty pics and craft! Great to see another place of the world.
Thanks for stopping by on my blog!