Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Having five kids is a blessing. It means life is busy all the time but
it's a good kind of busy. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's exhausting.
But that's parenting in general isn't it?

There were times when four of our children were aged five and under, where I felt I wasn't coping. Theres been times throughout my time as a mum where I questioned whether I was up for the challenge of having a big family. But I've never regretted it, I wouldn't have it any other way.

One of the biggest challenges is making sure everyone gets what they need. With five different personalities and ages ranging from seven to twenty it's sometimes hard to get the balance right. But I do try to make sure everyone gets a go, and that everyone is heard. Our youngest one doesn't have any trouble being heard, thats for sure! I've got a theory about youngest kids, they are loud! I guess they have to be :)

One thing that works for us is breaking up the family gang and doing things separately sometimes. I"m all for us being together most of the time, but time out does wonders too. Mark has been taking Bill & Lucy to the footy, yay! We get some quieter girl time at home.  Soon I will take Lucy and her friends to Melbourne for an overnight trip for her birthday, such a treat for her to have some space with her friends. Rosie and I have special story time every night, Sunday & I like riding our bikes down to Hepburn. Sometimes Bill, Sunday & I go for a bush walk. Mark takes Rosie & Sunday to the playground. Lucy visits Charlotte for sister time. One of my favourite things to do is to visit Charlotte myself in Melbourne. We go out to dinner, mooch around in Readings, eat cake at Brunetti's and go home and chat. Bliss! I guess all these things are easier to do now the kids are a bit older. I'm looking forward to lots more time together as they grow up.

                                          Sometimes I can't believe I have four daughters!

                                      And they are all so different, and so special to me.

Yes they do drive me mad sometimes, but I'm so lucky to have them, and they are so lucky to have each other. I always wished I had a sister.

And what a bonus to have a son too. I love my Bill, he's one great kid.
He makes me laugh, he is kind, crazy and clever. We have a lot of fun together.

I've been reading a few posts about parenting lately. Seven Cherubs has a busy life with her gang and has many interesting thoughts on life in a big family. I don't always agree with her but that's ok, she has a big heart and is a great mum.  I really enjoyed reading her post about the reactions people have when they hear she has seven kids. Another space I've been enjoying is Reservoir Dad, he has four kids and is a SAHP (stay at home parent). It's refreshing to read a dad's perspective, I like his writing style & also I like reading the comments left by others. Having said that I'm still always amazed how judgmental people can be online. And how rude. (This seems to happen more on Facebook than on blogs but it's still not nice.) Sharing and listening to other peoples parenting experiences helps us to reflect on our own and we can learn so much from each other.

Anyway, whether you have five kids, one or maybe eight, parenting is a HUGE job. That's why Mark & I try to make time for each other too, which isn't always easy. We're hoping to sneak away for a night soon, boy do we need it :)

Do you struggle with your gang? Do you find it hard to get the balance right?
Hope you are finding some space for you too,
see you soon lovelies xo


GourmetGirlfriend said...

I totally feel the same!
FIVE is hard. but it is so ace.
i too have questioned at times whether I am up to it- I still do. often......
But mostly i just feel oh so lucky.
your gang is super gorgeous and lucky to have u as their mumma.

Anonymous said...

I love your photographs on IG and now I'm wishing I'd visited your blog sooner!

You may like (or already know about) a blog called Memories in Clover Lane...a mom of 6 named Sarah...

Julia (peninsulaliving)

Kirsten said...

I have just had number 5 and she is the most perfect addition to our family.
I am happy at the moment with 5, but we are not a full time family of five, and if that does happen, I'm sure I will feel the same, but it is so lovely to read about large families, as they seem to be rare these days.
But all it means is there is more love in your home!

Karen said...

Lovely post and photos of your vibrant, beautiful children! I have three and often feel family life is chaotic and confusing - and that it's simply too overwhelming to be a mom - but simultaneously I am filled with joy and gratitude.

Floss said...

What a lovely family you have! Even with two, we feel the same about the pleasure of splitting up for activities then getting back together again. One of our best experiences recently has been hearing Son 2 talk about what he's got up to without us - skiing with the Youth Club, visiting the opera with school - and realising what pleasure he gets in telling us about something he understands better than we do. Being the youngest can be a burden, so having special things you can do which are different to the rest of the family makes a real difference. I know I've gone off track from the subject of your post, but you got me thinking (as usual, Beck)!

Thanks once again,


Gooseberry Jam said...

LOVE this post! When I first started my blog I hoped to talk a lot about our large family and how we do/achieve everyday things...It hasn't happened yet because I have such bad Baby brain I find it really hard to put words on paper, hopefully when I finish breastfeeding number 6 (the last) my brain will become productive again!!! Sleep may also help with this. Oh, and also a bit of extra time would never go astray!!
I am always interested in reading about how other Large families do it so thanks for a few of your links and commenters links, thanks! I have found some great tips over the years from large families on the net.
Your family is beautiful. My son is the eldest followed by 5 girls, 4 of then being 6 and under so I can relate so much with you there, I look at your girls and imagine when all mine are a little bit older and I am able to divide my time a little more individually with them.
I also agree with you about the youngest being heard, our younger ones are all the loudest and most confident!!
Keep up theh good work mum, your family look very very happy! xo

Miss Prudence said...

How lovely to see a post from you Beck!
I have 3 - probably would of if I could of had more, but a gang of 5 we are and that can be a juggling act at times but it is mighty fine most times. I think if you are living away from extended family like us, that can add to the challenge. However, I truly think 1 kid 2 kids, 3,4,5,6,7 doesn't matter- parenting can be a tough gig! Me? I wouldn't have it any other way!

ps your two older girls are becoming such lovely oyung women!!! i cannot believe my eyes after these blogging years!

sweetpea family said...

I have just stumbled upon your blog and what a beautiful post - I have three daughters and feel so blessed. What a beautiful family you have :)

anabel said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!! Go Teen
Love all photos Beck, always great to see yr family growing up. Wish we could see u guys more often. x

Greer said...

Such a gorgeous family xx

Steven said...

Such great photos! Love you guys,

Steven M