Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If you had...

If you had a grown up daughter who lived in the city, I'm sure you would want to let her know the news from home. I bet you'd text her, call her, and email her often. 

 And I know you'd miss her too. Her funny ways, her beautiful smile, her company.

I know you'd want her to see how things are changing back at home.

How old things are becoming new again,

If she couldn't come home too often I'm sure you'd be showing her photo's of the changes in seasons, maybe the new little apples on your apple tree. Or the clucky chooks who spread their feathers over an ever growing nest of eggs. And she would probably laugh at your 'farmyard' and crazy collection of animals.

If you had a beautiful daughter who lived in the city I bet you'd want her to know that even though back at home things are changing, evolving, growing..

that some things will never change. You'd want her to  know that her home is always with you, that family life isn't the same without her, that she is missed & loved & talked about every day.

Do you have children that have moved out of home? Or family that live overseas? Do you keep in touch with your loved ones through the internet? Do you blog, Skype, FaceTime?
Do you see what they are up to on Face Book or Instagram?

All these things are great, I love the way we can connect with each other in so many ways. I love that I can share our news, and our thoughts, our photo's and words.
But if you had a grown up daughter who lived in the city I bet, just like me,
you would be over the moon to be seeing her in real life...

See you soon Char, and see you soon too lovely ones xo


teddybearswednesday said...

Well Im a child( not really, have LONG moved out of home) but mum and I talk daily most days sometimes more than once. And she lives in the same suburb.
And like you and Char, mum and I are close, and I always been kept up to date with things, and vice versa.
And when each of us travel, we text and she joined instagram so we could see what each other were up to.
It's lovely to be the adult daughter, whose kept in the loop and always know despite whatever external changes and life changes go on, some things never change and home in a way is still always home and a place we are save and loved . Beautiful post Beck xoox

mel @ loved handmade said...

My mums coming to visit tomorrow and staying a couple of days, I can't wait, I really need my mum right now! Enjoy seeing your girl..x

Rach Jackson said...

That is the sweetest post Beck!
I just wrote a post on my kids growing up, but I don't even want to think about mine moving away yet!
At least there is social media to easily keep in touch, and to keep you close :)
Have a great time tomorrow!!
Rach x

Manda said...

ohh i cant imagine…but I know that day is going to be here sooner than i would probably like. theres nothing like a real life hug and conversation and laugh is there? manda x

Alma said...

such a sweet love letter to your city girl... have a great time together !

Jenny M said...

Our girl is now living in Edinburugh, Scotland. She decided to apply for a 2 year UK work visa, and has been there since the start of July. We miss her terribly and keep in touch via phone and emails. Of course this means a trip to the UK is planned for next year, so we can see her. Enjoy your time with your daughter.

Floss said...

That's such a beautiful post, Beck. It's lovely that she'll be with you in person soon.

objects of whimsy said...

you need google hangout :)

my girl is in Adelaide its the only way to feel really in touch.

have a good week

Helen :)

flowerpress said...

aww, sniff sniff :-)

Naturally Carol said...

Oh, lucky you! My daughter is in Canada and lately I've been missing her heaps!

Skye Walcott said...

This gave me a lump in my throat @ tears in my eyes-- I am so not ready for this & thankfully it's a few years away. Beautiful!