Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hello! How are you today? Thank you for the lovely & supportive comments on my last post.

I really, truly appreciated it.

Now on to some fun stuff!
Can you work out the photo theme of this post? It's not that hard..!

Yes..it's Instagram!

Some of these shots were taken while we were in America,

 some are from home,

lots are of people I love,

 and are memories that make me,

smile.. :)

 As you may already know I'm a big fan of Instagram. 
Although I love to use my SLR too,it's just such a easy and fun way to get an instant hit of goodness.

I'm loving the fabulous Instagram community that is so encouraging and friendly.
And the new and interesting connections I'm making from all over the world and 
the little sneak peeks into other people's lives.

A lovely local friend of mine, Tania, has organised an exhibition of Instagram photo's which opened this weekend, here in Daylesford!  Casa Dolce Casa kicked off at St Mel's last Saturday and runs for a month. I'm so excited to be involved. Tania researched the best way to print up our photo's and came up with the fabulous company Instacanvas. I have been really happy with my prints and also with the service provided by Instacanvas. They were extremely helpful when I had a small issue, the shipping costs were minimal and the quality of the prints is excellent. 

So...I'm really thrilled to be able to offer one of my lovely readers, courtesy of Instacanvas, an Instacanvas print! If your name is picked out of the Dandelion hat you will receive a framed print of one of your favourite Instagram shots! Yay! (You will need to be on Instagram of course, which I'm sure lots of you are already.) The frames come in black or white and look fantastic.

Then all you have to do is ...
(1)  leave a comment telling me about a photo that is special to you. It could be a childhood shot with Santa, a wedding photo, maybe one of you & your Nan, your favourite dog, a travel shot, a bestie photo...whatever you like! & (2) If you are a regular reader let me know that too. (If you read my blog via Face Book just leave a comment there.) Overseas friends are welcome to enter too :)

 I'd also love to know your IG user name so I can come see what's happening in your world, please let me know if you would like a visit. Mine is dandelion66.
Sound good? I'm already picking out some more photo's that I'd like to frame up, there are so many it's hard to choose.

I hope you are having a happy week, this year sure is flying by. Till next time lovely ones xo


Rosalie Malham said...

Hello! A fav photo? Any with me in it! I'm sure you have the same issue...as the photographer of our family, I'm never in the photos (The selfi rocks!)

I've been lurking here for some time and just want to take this opportunity to say how much I love reading your story. You're honesty is a huge part of why I keep coming back. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad.

Oh, have you tried Printstagram? I had great service and really happy with the prints.

Rosalie Malham said...

Oh, I forgot my Instagram name, it's little_shop_wishing.

Alma said...

I absolutely love your IG shots! A lot pull on my heart strings with the perfect light and lovely landscape. Your every musings are the best.
One of my favorite photos is a small black and white photo in my bedroom of the feet of my husband and I before we were married or kids. We lived in room with a mattress on the floor and shared a bathroom with the other tenants. We cooked over a hotplate and small oven. We had a one huge window over looking busy NYC. This was the happiest time of my life. And this photo shows that. It was the start of many happy moments that have lead me here.
I have been following you since before the conception of my own blog .
My Instagram name - almaluz
Great giveaway Beck!

Anonymous said...

Hello Beck,
I subscribe to your blog by RSS- I live just down the road in Ballarat :).
One of my favourite pictures is of my husband, taken in Edinburgh in 2001. He is smiling, with teeth showing, something he rarely does. You can see Edinburgh Castle in the background, and for me, it represents another layer of my lovely husband!
My instagram name is bookgrrl99

beth said...

Mmmm. I love your blog - but seldom comment as I read it on my iPhone and it's too tricky. Love your pictures of your gorgeous children and lovely softies... :)

A favourite picture of mine is one of my dad, circa 1979, on a beach in Long Island, NY - wearing his old shorts, walking along with my sister and I, aged three and six and completely starkers. It's black and white and I have it in a box somewhere, waiting to be attended to. One day!!

The Instagram exhibition sounds so great - Tania is a star! Oh - and I'm miaowthecat on Instagram

hester said...

Hello Beck. You know I'm already a huge fan of your photos. I'm very new to Instagram but after reading your post the other day I came and visited you to see some more. Just lovely! Em and I have started taking our own (that's why there are often two versions of the same instragram photo) and my user name is hesterjane65.

I recently snapped an Instagram photo of my Em by the sea on a windy day with a flock of seagulls flying above her and her poncho swirling in the gale. She had stopped to talk to a passing cavalier spaniel so he is in the shot too. I love looking at it as she looks so serene and it reminds me of the happy times we have visiting this spot.

leah of sang the bird said...

i love your happy, bright feed.
i think my fave shot is one with the chickens following my daughter uphill,,,
i am @sangthebird on ig xx

gabrielle said...

I have just recently become an ig addict @geckogrl so will go find your feed..have been a long time blog reader. My fav photos are in an old album my grandmother made but my favourite is of my grandfather in uniform meeting my mum at 6weeks for the first time when he got back from the war.

gabrielle said...

I have just recently become an ig addict @geckogrl2002 so will go find your feed..have been a long time blog reader. My fav photos are in an old album my grandmother made but my favourite is of my grandfather in uniform meeting my mum at 6weeks for the first time when he got back from the war.

Selina said...

One of my favourite photos is my wedding photo. The colours are so clear and my hubby and I both look fantastic! LOL I am thebell01 on IG and I follow you. I've been a reader for a long time. ;)

flowerpress said...

One of my favourite photos is a picture of me with my three kids about ten days after the boys were born. I'm juggling the twins and one is screaming but I have a big calm smile on my face!
As you know I'm a long time reader, and my instagram is flowerpress :-)

:perennial: said...

I am an IG junkie as well. IT is a way of looking for beauty in the everyday. It makes me so much more present in my days, even in the mundane and sometimes groundhog routine of days there is beauty and IG helps me appreciate that.

Picking a fav is tough - I think it would be one of my shots of the kids at the beach. It is our happy place - sailing, digging, swimming, running. Nothing but joy at the beach for us.

We may check out Daylesford on Sunday, I will say Hi if we get to the fete.

Carol (@perennial on IG)