Monday, December 19, 2011

The week before Christmas..

Hi! These three happy faces are smiling so much because school has finished and we are on summer holidays!!! Woo hoo! I'm loving it already. I love to sit in bed in the morning with a cup of tea and read the paper, and just relax without rushing around like a headless chook!

We've had a busy end of term with another ballet presentation, this time it was Lucy's turn. Lucy began ballet only this year and has come a long way already. She danced beautifully on Saturday and we were so proud of her. She also helped out with the prep class this year and it was so sweet to see her getting cuddles and love from all the little ones backstage.

At school we had an emotional week for a couple of reasons, 

one of which was a much loved teacher was leaving after 13 years, there were many tears at the final assembly. Luckily the preps put on a beautiful nativity play which cheered us all up a bit...

and then there was Elvis... 

Yes, he has lost a bit of weight. I think he's ditched the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...

 So the clock is ticking and it's getting closer to Christmas! Are you excited? Exhausted? Organised or in a mess? I'm a bit of everything, although I think mainly I'm happy as life has slowed down and I really need that break from the whirl of busyness.

My kids are settling down too, they have been so tired and yes, quite cranky lately.  Not all of them, and not all at once, thank god, but I guess they need time to relax too.

We're all looking forward to Charlotte coming home on Friday! I love it when we are all together.

In the mean time there is plenty to do this week. Finish of Christmas cards, find homes for our baby ducks, clean up at school, get those last minute presents sorted, and today I'll have to clean up our sunroom that was seriously flooded last night after a massive and scary storm. I'm also hanging out to see a lovely friend who is just back from her big trip around Australia. Yay!
What are you up to?
I hope the week before Christmas is a happy one. I hope you find much to enjoy, to celebrate,
and to love. I hope you have some time to unwind, to relax, to see the small things of beauty, some time to laugh & have fun with your family and friends.  Life is so fragile isn't it? 
Much love to you all, 
                                                              see you soon dear friends xo


mel @ loved said...

These pictures are lovely Beck, and I adore that bedroom with all those pretty lights! It sure is nice to have some time off before xmas so you can all unwind a bit, our kids don't finish til Thursday, so they are well & truly exhausted, but loving the buzz that is the last week. A few emotional muma's about, myself included, a mixture of relief the year is ending, sadness that they are all growing so quick, excitement for the holidays being so close. Despite all of the emotion, I'm so relaxed it's ridiculous!! Time to enjoy..x

Maxabella said...

Your girls are all so gorgeous, Beck. I'm happy this time of year too. Merry Christmas to you all! x

Kate said...

Oh the ducklings...I wish we could keep some.
Loving your pics and that you are finally slowing down.
Super excited to catch up soon. xx

Miss Prudence said...

Of course! That is what was missing, or rather who, from Angus' Year 6 graduation -ELVIS!

Love this post Bec - Merry Christmas xxx

Laura06 said...

Thankyou for letting us glimpse into your life of lovely kids, home and things that make you you... so refreshing and inspiring! Hope you all have a lovely break and Merry Christmas. OX

Wendy Bernstein said...

Enjoy your holidays! We're plodding through a snowless winter here, so it's lovely to see someone's warm and cheery! ;P

manda said...

hooray for end of year holidays. its just the nicest feeling to not have to do the mad morning rush isn't it. enjoy Beck x o x

Jenny M said...

I remember that feeling of relief when school holidays start...a break from getting the uniforms clean, making school lunches and the helping with homework! Enjoy the slower start to your mornings.
I'm about 75% organised for Christmas, and as my parents have just shifted into a new home in the last few days, the big family lunch is at our place!
Enjoy your time leading up to Christmas, it's always exciting when you have a young family.