Friday, January 23, 2009

Goodbye lovely tree...

Yesterday was a nasty, windy day... the wind was so powerful that many trees fell and bushfires were scattered all around our lovely region. It was quite scary driving through the red dust and flying leaves - I kept worrying that a tree would fall on the car. (Misty, from our creche, told me it's best, if possible, to try and drive in the centre of the road in these kind of conditions.)

Anyway, on our return from Ballarat (saw Bride Wars with the girls) a big, beautiful gum tree in our street had split in the wind. Sadly this morning the Emergency Blokes arrived and pulled the rest of it down. We sat and watched as they struggled to push over the last remaining part of the tree - it was quite emotional watching the tree hanging on to life. Sunday wondered who planted the tree and I wondered too... such a huge tree must have been planted long ago.

The girls found the whole thing fascinating, Rosie was quite amazed by it all. I am a real softie and I did find it difficult to watch the tree being destroyed. We will miss it's lovely shade and it's beautiful shape. The local birds will miss it too.
This week has been hot, hot, hot and we have taken to going to the lake for a swim. The local pool is great but oh so LOUD with kids yelling, cavorting and having fun. The lake is much more mellow and picturesque. My photo's don't do it justice really.

Lake Daylesford was created on land that was once market gardens - I would love to see photo's from that time. Now it is such a beautiful place to visit, walk around & swim in. We are lucky to have such a great expanse of water in our town. (It kind of makes up for not having a beach!)

Our garden is enjoying the hot weather and the vegies are growing happily. Not a great vegie patch this year, damn snails ate alot, but we will have lots of tomatoes! Also our apple and quince trees are booming, heavily laden with fruit.

While out the back we often hear the clang-scrape-clang of the goats from behind our yard banging on the fence for food. They are gorgeous...and hungry!

This week I have been sorting through the piles of things that seven people have accumulated over time as the kids have been moving rooms. It's partly fun and partly dementing. Each part of the house seems to have mounds of unsorted bits and when we are all home together the combination of kids & chaos is mind boggling. Sigh.

But I am getting through it and it's quite rewarding. Bill's new room is painted a lovely shade of green and it's almost ready for him to move in. His old room, which is a quaint little shed we kind of 'attached' to the house, will new sewing room!!!!! Excitement. I haven't made anything for ages now, what with holidays etc, and am looking forward to getting into my new space and creating.

Hope you are all having a lovely week - thanks for popping by x.


Kitschen Pink said...

Oh that lake looks like heaven! So sad about the gum try - I think Misty would have had me moving into nursery for the night until the 'conditions' changed! t.x

Sally said...

What a shame about the gum tree. We lost a tree in a storm a few yeaers back. It's really sad when it happends.

Doily said...

Hi Mrs, I have missed your blog over xmas holidays and am pleased to see you back on line. A new sewing room! I am very excited! However please dont make it too pretty as my room is the daggiest in the house.. what a messy dump!
Lets ahve tea and biccies and talk making things?

bekimarie said...

I'm afraid i've only just taken the time to read through your blog, sorry! Now i'm wondering why, what a lovely read it was.
Your bunnies are adorable< I especially love the Rainbow one, couldn't believe it when I saw it was named Flopsy. Flopsy was my daughters much loved bunny when she was little. We still have him, well the head and the piece of rag which was once his body. Like I said, much loved.
Take care
Beki xxx

Jemm said...

Hi, love your blog. Such pretty photos! I wish we had some of that hot weather right about now. Today it will get to 32 finally! It's been below freezing for several days now.

Lynda said...

Oh what a wonderful shade of green! Bill Boy will have fabulous dreams here. My Angus has put an order in for a green room and this is exactly the colour he has selected. Of course he found the colour in a book not a colour chart which makes it tricky....can I ask, what brand and shade is that colour please? I would be so grateful.

PS Loving your blog, have been "lurking" for a while.